Christmas In China Another Year

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So Another Christmas In China – Life Will Ever Be The Same?

A couple days to Christmas as I post this. I had a nice call with a friend who lived in China over 10 years and is now back in America. He said it is the same feeling as if he was in China. Well, not exactly, but he still does a lot of business with China – so he can’t take a full holiday on christmas like most Americans.

And another friend, Jack, also has moved back to USA from China – but he is fully enjoying the US holidays now. He feels “me” – being in China – or away from your home culture – during Christmas is tough. He did it for many years, but always knew he would be back to America one day.

He said it must be a different feeling for me, as I don’t plan to go back. Or he said “settling into China” for me or something along those lines.

That is true, the first few years in China, I thought this was just temporary. Or was cool. But now that a decade has passed and no return plans on the horizon, this is the reality.

I did experience putting up a christmas tree last week at a friend’s house. No Christmas tree here at my home – I think Wendy bought one but not sure where it is -think she forgot about it lol! I am happy though, I have a great wife and kids. I enjoy what I am doing, creating content and doing online marketing for a bunch of websites about business in China and Asia.

Just the memories that pop up from an almost different lifetime. The snow. The music. The gathering of extended family coming together in a house (not an apartment building) and the TV shows, the video games. It is another life time.

And I need to separate my future life from that. There is no going back. My kids know the word Christmas and Santa Claus, but no experience like I had growing up. But that is what life is all about, moving forward, evolving. Nothing stays the same.

It makes you think of what reality is. What is real. What is a “day” – in China the calendar is completely different from the rest of the world (Lunar calendar vs Solar calendar). We need to realize it isn’t about a holiday – it is appreciating every day we have on this Earth. And enjoy it with those who are positive and helpful in our life journey.

So wherever you are in the world, and whatever religion or background – we need to appreciate what we have and be happy where we are.

Get in the game. Keep your head in there. Push as hard as you can – in the game called life. I’ll try to take a day off (Christmas) but so many years I have worked. I even met an investor on Christmas day (2012) and got an investment offer. I’m really excited for 2018. Each year gets better and better, and the stakes are going higher.

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