Grind Report – Year End Pomodoro Recap

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Here is my Year End Grind Report

So I haven’t done my monthly grind reports – and I feel bad about it. But I haven’t stopped measuring my daily pomodoro sets. So I want to catch up and give a year end report.

In today’s chart you can see the weekly chart of pomodoros

the lows in 2017 were:

* Chinese New Year (digital detox)
* Cross border Summit in april
* when I was traveling to conferences in Shanghai and Bangkok.

What I wish I could do is somehow measure overall business improvement from those pomodoro sets that were high. But what I can tell you is it has a delayed effect. A ton of what I do – as well as most of us do – is invest in building something that takes time to bear fruit. In the internet space, it is so true – at least for inbound marketing. A ton of content creation.

So tons of this work still has a lot of fruit to show. I’m proud of the hard work in 2017, and excited to push it even harder in 2018. Leverage is the keyword I learned from Meir. Need to get the company culture to follow it in 2018.

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