Trip to the Chiang Mai Waterfall Wang Bua Ban Pond

Trip to the Chiang Mai Waterfall Wang Bua Ban Pond

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Family day, family trip. Decided to take the vlog camera with me and share this trip for those curious on the waterfall in Chiang Mai named Wang Bua Ban Pond


A rather simple hike (or maybe we didn’t know how to find otherwise a longer path) around the falls. It had many small “pools” where people were dipping their toes in. Our kids enjoyed the various wooden planks to cross rivers and boulders.

Some people had their blankets and were sunbathing on the rocks. A very relaxed vibe – no stores, no supervisors, but also no bathrooms ha!

Just a simple Sunday. Trying to not think about work too much.

Was a 20 minute drive from our home in Hang Dong and worth the trip. Maybe some can share some tips on the hiking path fr us to try on our next trip.

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Family day! Gotta Make the most with the growing kids – and give them an adventure. Today on this video we are in a waterfall hiking trail with the family, and just try to unwind and enjoy.

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