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The longer I do business the more I realize I just have to accept that I will travel always, and instead of being like the majority of people here – I will have to learn how to work on the road.

I am typing this today on my bluetooth keyboard, in the middle seat of a high speed train from shenzhen to guangzhou. I have setup FTP login, replied to a bunch of emails (still hundreds unread…sigh…), registered some new domains for new project (blog coming soon….), and am now typing up this blog.

As I have said I love my mobile gear and you guys love hearing about it, getting tons of feedback. It is a hot topic today….I wonder though – mobile apps versus web, I see mobile technology being able to read web the same as a mobile app now in a couple years… why invest in making apps for all kinds of moile platforms when web technology is universal.

Many say I should get sponsorships from these hardware manufacturers, as I show off my gear to everyone I meet. My friend Nik says he will show this blog post to some people in Hua Qiang Bei and will be my agent, haha. I can wear a sponsored hat with a bluetooth keyboard brand logo and get paid, that would be pretty awesome.

I do hope one day to make website selling products and accessories for those living business on the road. Its a constant hustle to find power outlets, internet connections….adapters, bags so that I can quickly access certain products or passports or documents.

But I love the mobile life, working outside. Sure I am always working – always wired, but then again I get to see so many places and meet so many people.

Waiting in line this morning I met a foreigner in china for the first time, Ryan M, who worked at Deutsche Bank on the 3rd floor of 60 wall street and knows the same people that I know. amazing right…

If I was sitting in my office on a fullsized computer, i would not have made that connection and would not be making all these connections I will make today at the trade show.

Back to digging out of emails, about 20 more minutes to go on this train ride before reaching Guangzhou.

And the mobile life continues.

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  1. love that bluetooth key board
    very small thought it was like full size
    you look good
    i try not to send you email
    you get too many 

  2.  Ohh it was very good work.Specially when you are on on a journey and you can do the work on right way.I just  love the bluetooth keyboard because it is small and anyone can easy to carry with him.

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