Celebrating Your Birthday

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Another year in the books, a chapter in the book of life!

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How do you celebrate your birthday? I have personally gone through various phases over the years. Of course we remember the McDonalds playground birthdays as a toddler where we have the cake, moms, and other kids yelling and screaming around (I’m starting to re-live that through my kids now!).

The next phase is in school, where I remember the pressure of who to invite to your party, who is cool and who isn’t – all that high school useless drama. College is a big party. As a young adult I’d make a it a huge event, one year rented a limo in New york city and went from nightclub to night club.

Then as we get older we don’t want to really make a big deal out of it. I’m approaching 40 years old now and still feel like a kid! We are getting well past those years when it was exciting to turn 16 to drive, 18 to.. Vote (or go drinking in Canada!), 21 to drink.  Now these years are reminders that we are getting closer to death.

I know many times in this personal video blog I get morbid about death. I think its from teh various stoic books I’ve tuned into (audiobooks from Tim Ferris). Maybe technology will advance so that our minds never die, we’ll live in the cloud – uploading our brainwaves to a dropbox-style service so we can live forward in cyberspace.

But for now, we will be growing older and going through various phases of our life. We should celebrate taht beauty, and therefore I am less shy to talk about my birthday. It is just another day, but a good milestone to remind us that we are growing older and need to take things more seriously.

So I had a rather normal relaxing weekend with teh family. Watched Star Wars at home, went shopping for some various gadgets, a small cake during a business meeting. And building content and optimizing websites.

Life is good, and I hope you enjoy your birthdays. We need to celebrate life!

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