Been Seriously Racially Profiled This Week!!!!

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This week was such a hardcore week of racial profiling…..and the more I “pryed” into the topic…the worse it got!

I’m looking at leasing a warehouse…and I put down a deposit…but I’m going to change the warehouse because the area is not locked down enough….I need 24/7 guard because when a white person has a storage area its a target for getting robbed….

Then I needed to get a notary on a passport copy…went to the notary in this districut, waited in line, had my translator…all my documents…but they don’t do notary service for foreigners.

Talking to girls, and I thought it was good for them to date foreigners – but there are a lot of families that forbid it…..and the Chinese tradition does not allow children to go against their family’s wishes….or lose a lot of face.

US Visas (and I think other countries) are being limited to 1 month making many foreigners have to move out – even if they have longer leases, assets here, etc.

Even at the olympic torch ….being the only white guy constantly having photos taken, video, and random “hello, hello” really got irritating.

then you hear about the “China United” and you’ll hear how foreigners are trying to make China weak, to break it up (Tibet, etc) and I’m right there next to these people….and then, oppps, but not you!!!

Maybe i’m just noticing it more – because I’m talking to other foreigners and its just how it is…….

Keep pushing forward….whether I am am welcomed or not

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