Developing A Leader’s Focus (BBSCI)

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The journey of life never ends. This blog was used to be titled “Happiness in Pursuit: It isn’t where you are, it is where you want to go, and getting there”.

We will never be “done”. There will always be something else to do. We need to accept that and live life.

For me, I am often thinking of what I should focus my time on. And, there are various index cards stacked on my temporary desk here in China from books and blogs that I have been reading.

One that I am often reviewing and reflecting on is:


I read it in a book, but they didn’t make that “BBSCI” acronym (to me it sounds like BB Science). I do that so I can easily remember these lists.

What does BBSCI stand for?

Big ideas, Big relationships, Solve big problems, Culture, Industry trends.

And that is what a leader should be focusing on.


So let’s go through each:

Big ideas – Throughout our day, we can be caught up in fighting fires, urgent tasks and people grabbing our attention. We need to try our best to step back and focus on what the big ideas are. Sure, we do need to execute and get our hands dirty but our main role is to have the vision and keep things growing in the company with the next big thing to do.

Big relationships – It can be sales, but it can also be about growing leaders in your company. I like the CEO acronym for people we deal with (C = customer, E = employee, O = owner/investor). That is what we need to focus on, grow and develop.

Solving big problems – Firefighting will always happen. But we need to try to delegate those that can be handled by our trusted team, and instead make sure we are working on ones that have the biggest impact and are not easily delegated/done by others.

Culture – This is what defines the team, the community you work with. Who will be attracted to be your customer, who will be attracted to work with you? We need to think about this and actively define the theme around what we are building. To attract people without us actively working on bringing people in is best done with a healthy and powerful culture in your organization.

Industry Trends – I’d say similar to big ideas at the beginning, but this also means simply staying on top of the growth in the space you’re an expert in. Being on the cusp of the newest developments so that you know where to point your company in the future.

So these 5 points, I am trying my best to ensure throughout my day I am working on these as much as possible. Hope this helps you out. And, I will be referring to now for easy reference, lol!

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