Crazy Guangzhou City – America is so far away!

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The longer i am outside of the united states, the more i wake up and realize how easy life was there.
Sad part is, i didnt know it until i left, and i dont think most of my friends and associates still there realize it now!
For example, today i traveled back to shenzhen city from guangzhou city…..took the long, budget way. Sure, i could have spent the extra money, and like many westerners, taken a private car or a taxi to a 1st class express train,,,,,
But, i want to see it from the eyes of everyone else living here….
One crazy, but cool thing i saw in guangzhou that i havent seen in many other cities is motorcycle taxis, well, not official taxis, but some entrepreneurs who use their motorcycle to cart people around.
They swarm approaching buses, revving their engines trying to grab a new customer who is exiting the bus.
The wild part is i see a mom, or even i think grandmom, bargaining these rough middle aged bikers, haggling for a 0.15usd cost savings to be transported from the bus stop to their home. Even wilder is all along, they have a baby wrapped tightly in a blanket or towel, to their backs. Widely swinging their leg over the back of the motorcyclist, they zip off into the dusty, dry alleys of the city.
And this is daily routine, daily life. Just a trip back from visiting friends or grocery shopping.
The buses in guangzhou are so overcrowded, and some are normal coach buses with only the front door as an entrance/exit. Standing room only in the aisle, each bus stop you have high traffic shuffles from those exiting and entering
Then people wonder why chinese people have no sense for personal space! This comes from the high population, over crowded spaces such as roads, buses, and homes!
I just get a rush of energy seeing this, the volume of people, how others deal with each other – yea its a bit maybe dirty, and wild, but man, its envigorating.




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  1. Hey Mike good article. I agree with your point and its something I try to express. Many US Citizens do not know how fortunate they are to be born in the USA. Its just amazing the advantages people start out with. The level of what we consider normal vs dangerous/unsafe is just so different. That bus wouldve probably been shut down in the US because busses should have 2 exits, and maybe overcrowded? and it always gets me when people are so surprised to see immigrants and say “why do they wanna come here, why dont they just wait till they come legally, why cant they just stay in their countries”. The USA has just such a better quality of life. there are less risks to everyday life. and yet many people take it for granted, even me sometimes, im surprised as to how used to it I got and what level of comfort I expect. but that’s what makes this country great. People don’t just accept what is going on, they demand better.

    1. Author

      thanks Piotr,
      I know you agree with me on this topic, and I was exposed to a lot of this when living with you in San Diego.. remember the Polish girl offering me 10,000usd to marry her? And then I would have to interview with the INS saying that I am genuinely in love with her, blah blah blah….

      She told me separate bank accounts, contract, etc etc. and this would be all OK.

      how badly she wanted to be a US citizen. To carry on her future family, give her children the opportunity to grow up in America.

      Sad, people don’t realize the things they have, till its too late.

      But live and learn, and appreciate who we are and where we are.. right?

  2. Polish girl offering me 10,000usd to marry her?

    oh man, really

    1. Author

      yes… was a serious, secret meeting i had with her, and her friend (to translate), but yes. she wanted to become a US citizen. And therefore was looking for a husband there.

      If I married here, I could still have another girlfriend, but would have to act like a married couple sometimes….and share an apartment together…

      it was actually tempting…especially starting up my business – better then an investor, haha

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