Back in Shenzhen, Hanging at the newly upgraded SZteam coworking space

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Back in Shenzhen, China and ready to ROCK now more then ever. It 100%. I am back, and I am here to stay.

Monday morning I woke up at 7am, still a bit jet lagged, and rode my folding bike to the shenzhen team coworking space ….ready to start the week off and crank out a full day (its 12 hours straight now as its 7pm typing up this blog)

WOW, SZteam got the hookup!….full carpet, more VIP status for the dedicated seats (its own glass wall and better desks), new private office / lecture room, and…..

a fulltime coffee bar!

Li Jun, has been pushing this Shenzhen coworking space hard, not giving up and investing more and more into making it a high end space for entrepreneurs and SOHO to work in. His friend has 3 cafe bars in Shenzhen, and entrepreneuer himself and supports what we’re doing here at SZteam. I was involved in some of the meetings to discuss this, but man, it happened faster then I thought

THATS WHAT I LOVE ABOUT CHINA – things just pop up and happen so quickly. They bargained with the Chinese management of this research center and now are able to open a separate doorway (we have 2 doors in the office) to the other tenants in the building, and we have much more foot traffic, buying coffee, tea, and cake. Its open 11am to 7pm daily.

It actually gave me a “new wind” – Shenzhen is my home and I am gonna rock it. Things are right here waiting to get better developed – a sweet coworking office, cafe adjacent, people wanting to network and grow.

Just have to keep working hard, stay positive, and live life for today. I am enjoying what I do, like the stress, so bring it.

Will be hosting tomorrow’s Startup Tuesday again, talking about the USA coworking spaces and startup scene I saw, and make plans for Shenzhen’s first office “startup weekend” Nov 11 – 13 – .

Also will be going to Hong Kong again Friday for trade fair, and Hong Kong’s Startup Saturday


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  1. Looks pretty nice.  I should come up and work there one day just for a change of pace.

    1. sure, its really sweet now, I was kinda in shock when I came back, Li Jun got a new investment round into this

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