Dinner Meeting with Amazon Global Selling, Thailand + Southeast Asia

Dinner Meeting with Amazon Global Selling, Thailand + Southeast Asia

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On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, I had the pleasure to be accepted to attend a private Amazon Global Selling Dinner event in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

There were quite a few representatives from Amazon there from all parts of Southeast Asia – Thailand (their office is in Bangkok), Singapore, Vietnam, and some people from the Philippines and Malaysia.

It was more of an open networking with the Amazon team as well as other sellers and business owners. A quick announcement was made that the purpose of the event is to hear from sellers in Chiang Mai, as Amazon is planning to learn more and get more active here.

This was a great chance for me to share what our company is doing, working with factories and sellers, and my passion for training and events. They loved all the event and workshop information I showed them – from my “China days” and asked why I am not doing it in Thailand.

Good question. Still a bit “shocked” post-covid and just a few months in Chiang Mai, but do want to get it started.

This may be a good launch point to restart my passion for community, events, training, and networking. May do some local training workshops soon, and some of my contacts in the Philippines were in attendance too for various networking there.

Life works in strange ways – but this dinner meeting may have been the spark needed to push me back into the networking and event mode. More like a 2023 initiative, but will be following up and preparing it for the next couple of months.

Thanks, Shane and Don for thinking of me and getting the invite.

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Making connections in Amazon Thailand & Southeast Asia. Amazing dinner and networking, expect more training and workshops for e-commerce sellers coming back soon!

Last minute preparations for 2023 kickoff

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