Am I Addicted To Traveling? Or Just Running Away?

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Especially since last weekend’s wedding, I have been in a different state every other day. Then announcing I am going back to China, not losing my return ticket – and going to Los Angeles this Thursday. Mike, my Russian friend in New York saying “I couldn’t travel as much as you”, how can I live like this, I need to calm down.
Ken Chen saying I need to stay in one place to build a business….how can I possibly run a company while traveling so frequently. I need to oversee, see things with my own eyes, and control my operations.
My mentor Carl Pavarini getting a bit frustrated with my “wishy-washiness”, telling me I need to decide and “get a job” whether that is working for myself or someone else. As getting a job just mean dedicates myself full time to one thing.
But on the other side……………there is the adventure, the travel, and the doors opening….

Shanna inviting me to Korea for Christmas, as she is there 1 year teaching English…..I met her in Italy, she is another American traveling globally, looking for what she really wants to do still.

And I reconnected with a friend Amit in India saying he has a 5 star guesthouse waiting for me in Mumbai, India – and in December he can introduce me to his call center company there, as well as show me to the factories I have been buying from for stainless steel. Opening more doors and opportunities in India.

In China, I have a pretty decent, hard working freelance network for internet marketing, SEO, and factory inspection. I have invested 3 years to build a network of friends and business contacts in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing – all willing and interested in working with me on projects or business…..and helping each other out.

Of course the recent Philippines, with Mike Morelos who wants to do some travel excursion business, and my loyal team
The more I travel, the more addicting it gets. And the more friends I meet and make all over the world….therefore further “spreading myself out”….when I go to a new place, I already have been talking to people in that area via twitter, email, facebook, business connections, etc already. I can “hit the ground running”. I really want to keep on doing it…I am really connecting people, is there a way I can make a living doing exactly what I am doing, all day and night long?

Or am I “living by the seat of my pants”? Making life decisions on a whim – This is what some of my friends and critics seem to say….is that really me? WHAT AM I RUNNING AWAY FROM? Am I running away from reality? From “real world”, from being a grown up?
Or am I not patient enough? Here is an email from a friend (not going to disclose, didn’t confirm if its ok to post, but I like it)

you just got back…and people always think you’re going onto another adventure so maybe they don’t just stop themselves for you. So maybe your friends more less expected you to leave. And while you are away, just as we all are, life continues….networks/friendships widen, and if you’re not here then how do you fit in? You just have no patience….I mean I’m from Jerz….I’m going to give to you straight


So is that why I may not “Fit in”…..people don’t expect me to stay that long? Don’t trust me anymore. Anyway, I’m exhausted from running around like a maniac….time for an early night

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  1. everything will be fun and interest if you enjoy to do it, no matter what it is 🙂

    1. Author

      hi Wendy,
      you are chatting to me on MSN now, and you say traveling alone isn’t for you…

      yea, the hard part is to travel alone….

      1. yes cause i dont think it is interest if i travel alone, even no one help me take a photo, lol

        1. the point is how you consider about”enjoy”someone like to traveling alone then they will have fun cause they enjoy to be alone and someone dont like to travel alone so it wont call”enjoy”, haha 🙂 all are depend, but sometimes travel alone is more exciting, i guess
          I m always alone when I m on a business trip,spend most of my time in the office,it was lonely and tired after you get off work and stay alone in your apartment,especially in the middle night when you wake up, just like last time i did in hongkong,I was fall asleep on the couch after I back to my condo in TST and wake up around 3am,my TV still on,msn,skype…..

  2. I love traveling. I spend every one of my measly vacation days on some sort of trip. It opens your eyes to people, culture, food, and experiences you don’t see everyday in the office. I think you have an incredible opportunity to see the world upon you. Enjoy it! Vacation is good and healthy for you. You’ll feel energized and refreshed when you return from your trip. LMK if you’re in China in March – I’ll be touring.

    1. Author

      hey Jessica!

      thanks for the comment – I totally agree with you on traveling opening your eyes – IT REALLY TRULY DOES. maybe my eyes are too wide open (isn’t that a title of a movie hehe) and now I don’t want to close them and face “reality”

      but I am working hard to make traveling my “job”

  3. Each of us follows a path that takes us somewhere. It’s based off decisions we make-some we can live with and others we can’t. Many people take the easy path-do what’s expected of them because the decisions have been made for them and others like yourself meander through – trying to find your way.
    There are no books that tell us what’s the right way to go- it’s all
    about choices.
    Addicted to travelling-yes, Running away-maybe, Choosing to find your own way – definitely! Happy travels and be safe!

    1. Author

      thanks Norn!!
      and great dinner and talk last night! you’re awesome!

      yea….I’m just gonna keep going, i’m stubborn, hehe……

      I just won’t settle for something I am not happy doing anymore….there has to be an answer, a way.

      stay tuned 😉

  4. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”

    you know mickey, i think you understand yourself well enough that certain things in life need TIME/PATIENCE to build, but with what you are doing is brilliant and so difficult that truly, not many people could understand. Everyone is looking for some answers in life, and i think traveling is your way, maybe you can only realize happiness when exploring the world. well, i am sure one day you will get “grounded” to A place/relationship/experience that worthy enough for you to spend time to live and die…

    1. Author

      Thanks Cynthy,

      Good words, patience, aiya, I want to know everything, learn everything, be everything…….maybe also scared to commit at this moment, the world seems to unstable to me, currency, politics , ,internet

      Well see u soon in hong kong….

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