yea yea, i know its been a while!

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ok, so now that I know ppl are actually reading this damn blog, maybe i’ll come back now and post some shiznit…

well its been insanely busy, which I can definitely say is a good thing….the biggest problem is there is a lot of inquiries for my new business…but not many of them are serious, or are just using my for free info and then try go go around me!

BUT – I have closed my first deal, receive the 30% down, and have been hustling now that the cherry has been popped….

plus the pipeline is strong with solid leads

and i’ve been frantically adding new sources in china, taiwan, and all over the world…

plan to go to china in october

los angeles this weekend – networking with some biz partners

and next weekend NYC

looking to get a corporate headquarters in florida…

so yea, insane….and good…..

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