Year End 2021 Preparing (Make the Most of it)

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Dec 5 – 11, 2021

Listen as audio here [2.75 minutes long] (or scroll down for text)

Never built and created so much in my life. But also never been more fulfilled.

* Year end review prep – 17 people on Shadstone now, but still want to do 1 on 1 calls with them.
* Public announcement for Indigitus – so much happening behind the scenes, believe this week we can share some to the wider community.
* Mona/ HNS payment plugin for woo commerce is released in beta (manual zip download still for now)
* Blimp/Excalibur Brothers the “next journey” for the GFA community, preparing podcast and announcement for the week of Dec 12
* Flamingo handshake auction is Wednesday Dec 15 USA time (thurs 16 Asia time) and need to confirm the list and start to promote – want to have a fun one for Christmas / year end.
* Clients for Shadstone – preparing thank you and appreciation

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Dec 5 – 11, 2021 Shadstone Limited

Another day, and more epic building and creation. So proud of our team and what we have accomplished. One year ago, we had 3 of our 3 client services / client facing team members leave the company (they quit) ,and there was also some painful transition earlier this year in 2021 in the team. But after pain, and by keep pushing forward and continuing to learn and adjust, we have the best team Shadstone has ever had in its history.

Truly believe team is the most important part of a company – sure technology is good, customer base, money/investment in the bank – but without good people you can trust with each other and understand how to work together – the rest is worthless.

Can’t believe at the end of this week we will already be halfway through december – time really is flying.

We are reflecting on the last year and making a plan for next year – and you want to know at leasts my vote – GROW!!! Build more, create more.

But I am of course trying to hold myself back and listen to our amazing leaders in the team to be more realistic and balanced. We should also look at the financials and the reality sometimes – one thing I have made the mistake of again and again is growing too fast, hiring too many people, and then getting in trouble later. So maybe will learn from this and while I personally want to grow more by hiring and expanding – we may be a bit more conservative.

But still, we will need to start to really develop what we have called in the past SBU (strategic business units) for our network of businesses that Shadstone is involved in. (You can check a blog post at if curious with an example org chart)

And you know the most important part of an SBU – the PEOPLE to run it. So these projects we have invested so much of our time, money, (ie – BLOOD SWEAT and TEARS) to create – we need to have people on Shadstone focusing on specific ones to ensure they are properly run and maintained. And we have amazing partners in all of these SBUs, so now we need to review our organization chart, and see if we can structure it where we have people dedicating their brainpower on specific ones.

On top of org chart reflection and planning with SBU, we will have year end reviews – I cannot believe there are 17 amazing people at Shadstone now – and I really want to try to be on a call with each and every one of you at all possible. the HR and management team will help prepare it

We are also investing in more TECHNOLOGY -and tools to work better online. So many are in the works – some examples :
* A reward system for Shadstone clients.
* A file sharing server to better send files to clients and partners (Sleep hungry)
* Plugin on portal to make custom task and project status
* Our own help desk system (Clear Cafe)
Considering a few more, lol….

It is year end – and want to invest – as I believe that the Shadstone portal was one of the best IT investments ever for us. And I am not a fan of monthly SaaS fees of per user per month (as you notice we have 17 people , so per month fee on 17 adds up quite a bit)

SBU updates (let’s call our investments and projects SBUs now in these updates)

Indigitus – a top “temple visit causing” project 😉 is getting much better. We are blessed with patient and supportive ambassadors (or those few not so patient who were refunded), and did an AMA for them last week. New product is looking great and showed it to the ambassadors with good feedback. Working on an application process for test net, and want to build something for the long term, not a pump and dump, so it is long and painful but we believe worth it.
SkyInclude – Mona HNS payment plugin for woo commerce – made a blog/video at and it is still in beta – but a simple and free way for ecommerce shops to add Handshake payments. Hope the community appreciates and uses this free tool.
SkyInclude port service – we are getting more requests from businesses wanting to make their website web3 compatible (on decentralized domains and decentralized hosting) and we are converting them to paid clients. That dream/idea I had to start making youtube videos about this trend last October 2020 is bearing fruit.
Flamingo Handshake – auction coming up fast – need to confirm the names and promote. Doing some Christmas style to it as well.
GFA / Blimp / Excalibur brothers – looking forward to introducing this “new chapter” in the GFA ecommerce community – lining up an amazing multiple guest / multiple section podcast tis week to release the week after to get people up to speed on blimp and the opportunity. ( This is the new ecommerce gladiator + Sisitano journey, the next evolution and generation – a book in the making.)
GFA broker dealflow – more inbound deals, also the workshop went well. Working on the process and may make some upgrades and new content for this expansion of deals.
Shadstone clients – more inbound leads and keeping current clients happy. Planning year end thank you.
Now Shenzhen – doing well, building up a sales and marketing team, content flow, deciding on the IT status and static conversion, and launch party confirmed at terrace bar for saturday night dec 18, online and offline (who wants to help with online?)

Probably so much more – trying to not go back to temple (well do want to do it regularly, but not so soon) – and thank you TEAM for stepping up – being leaders – HELPING each other – and following our SLOT values (self learning, online work and tools, Teamwork) – if we can keep things going – the sky is the limit.

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