whenever I’m in San Diego….

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a power outage in NYC happens….scott IMs me – dude how come this happens everytime when you go to San Diego? Yea yea, so 2x is every time? Back in Summer 03 on my roadtrip across USA, while in San Diego, we turned the TV on in the hotel and it was a blank screen – CNN showing the NY power outage then…I can remember because I was gearing up to start my job when I arrived back, and couldn’t get ahold of anyone there to coordinate….

So yea, power outage again today….and what am I doing right now while the power’s out in NYC….

I’m at Newbreak coffee shop- on the web, looking at the beach – check out my 1st person view I just took w/ the camera phone….don’t hate me too much….I’m busy working!!

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