lost my last entry – redo!

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wrote my last entry from my cell phone saturday morning…unfortunately didn’t work.

since last posting spent some time at magoo’s house – sheetrocking cementing nail pulling out of old boards – firewood – most of this was all him – but i did aid in emotional value support….

looking into trademarking , patenting, and other fun professional stuff

just hustling with the deal making….

right now leaving albany – spent time here since sunday night w/ pete and then to my buddy joe – he is a new part owner in a bar – THAT WAS A WAKE UP CALL – that is my lifestyle….

I NEED TO OPEN A BAR….that is going on the to-do list

yea yea – i know, insurance, theft, liquor license…etc – but hey, in life there are always excuses and reasons things cannot be done…

think the bar would need to be a partnership – investors and active managers……think i would want to be more on the marketing and promotions side – not that experienced in bar management…..but i do have a lot to offer

train is boarding, gotta go

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  1. what a shitty blog entry. what happened to you man? do you not care about your readers anymore. where’s the emotion we experienced. where are the ladies threatening to hurt you, where are the angry boyfriends chasing you down after you hook up with their gfs… cmon. you can’t keep it all in

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