What The Heck Am I Doing? Isn’t It Clear?

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I’m a scatter brain. More and more, I seem to confuse people….like my buddy Dave Ho tells me, he is trying to help my business, help get me clients or sales, but doesn’t know HOW, doesn’t know WHAT I DO! I keep changing.


well…maybe because I am still trying to “find myself” – maybe you are out there reading this right in your chair, and luckily you have found yourself and are completely content on your life – I AM AMAZED if that is the case, and happy for you.

But not many people have found what truly makes them happy. I believe, most people SETTLE for maybe where they were born, their ethnicity, their family’s income class (middle class, low income, rich), or their family business, or what their mom/dad/family told them is a good business.

Yes, I have switched around from Import/export product sourcing / development (aka sourcing) to SEO / web marketing services, selling online, consulting, blogging, social media services.

Maybe its because I REFUSE TO SETTLE, I want to find what truly makes me happy, what adds value to the world, and what allows me to eat, travel, and make a living.

And I enjoy learning, I enjoy exploring. I’m addicted.

So therefore, especially because I am rather “online” with social media and blogging…I must confuse the heck out of a lot of people. maybe some have given up on me…..but I enjoy CONNECTING PEOPLE. Building community, marketing. I’m not a salesman. I’m not a programmer. and … I’m not rich. heck, I’m not even a good businessman. I am learning, I am good at creating, good at connecting people….and LEARNED NOT TO BE AFRAID TO BE SOMETHING I AM NOT.

And we cannot be afraid to fail, even Google fails. Thats how we grow, and that is how the world grows.

Right now…I am focusing on, what I believe is clear, 2 things:

  1. Startup community / ecommerce community in South China (mainly Shenzhen) Yea, I know, this isn’t really making any money for me (I’m not really looking to charge admission fee at events to make a living…..yet….at least not until I get some really awesome events with cool people, champagne flowing freely, and a party like its 1999! But I really enjoy developing networks, connecting people….and I believe its a long, long term investment of my time. I’m not going to write down who I helped and how I helped them, but I generally hope that the balance of life someone somehow will remember me and help me if they want to. I just dont want to be soooo detailed (I suck at details) and I’ll just keep pouring myself into this.
  2. Selling online, internationally / “cross border trade” this is a “real business” I am transitioning newyorkbarstore into a global ecommerce business. I couldn’t get a price when I tried to sell it…and have realized that I stopped stressing so much about it, and its still operating! Its a real business! WAKE UP MIKE! Put some more energy into it, streamline it, and it can operate for the rest of your life. I’ll expand the product line, leverage my Asia relationships with factories, go back to USA and get some products (liquor, bbq sauce) and pimp it out in China. So soon (maybe end of the month, I’ll launch a direct from South China ecommerce shopping cart for not just “bar products” but all kinds of home, gift, and novelty items. And they will be cool, trendy, with the awesome support and sourcing team Shadstone and new york bar store have built.

So is that clear now? I think its pretty darn good plan. And I’ll take my 3 week trip in USA next month and develop further.

Life….we cannot plan it, we just gotta deal with the cards we are dealt. And I think my time in China and Asia have developed my patience and business skills tremendously.

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  1. you have the plan
    keep going
    life will piece together

    1. Author

      because I am thinking about 3 things at the same time….haah. and I like email on one screen, social media on another, and the project I am working on in another.

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