Week Plan April 19-25, 2020 Mike Michelini

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What Mike Michelini is up to now – April 19 – 25, 2020

Just the bullets:

* Considering (well not sure if I have a choice) to stay in Shenyang, China for the rest of the year. All this uncertainty making me worry how I can work well, for myself – but more about my kids / family. Living in the in-laws is nice but not long term.
* Working on the fourth group buy for Loadpipe. Learning most people simply want more masks. The other products are more complicated, though we do have gloves and thermometers moving.
* Working on transforming my mind to be more grateful and appreciative. Abundance.
* More and more online summits and online events. Trying to speak at as many as possible. Global Sources Virtual Summit is this week, also Andy Li’s Online Ecomm event, and next week Ace and Andie’s online event as well. But don’t think we will make Cross border summit an online event, just have to wait until offline events can happen again.

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Mini videos:

Full Company week plan for those curious about the insides of Shadstone Limited:

Week Plan April 19 – 25, 2020 Shadstone Limited

Thank you team, thank you.

I am working on going through a big personal transformation. It will be on this week’s podcast with Qing Zhou.

The main point is to be more grateful for what I / we have. For the health, for the current financial (however hard that may be looking at our banks), for our relationships.

Thinking of the rest of 2020, I really feel like crossbordersummit.com cannot happen. Even November in Thailand looks unlikely. We had a GFAVIP member mastermind last week and most said not to make it an online summit, that there are too many of those and what makes CBS valuable is the small quantity (200 or so) , high value attendees and networking.

A bit of a bummer as CBS is always something that financially supports GFA and the community – never a huge amount of money but enough to at least cover team’s costs and operations. So it will be hard to think we have to skip the fifth annual, but it may have to be that way.

Talking to more and more people, I have this feeling I may not be leaving China any time soon – and wondering where to start to call “home”. Living in my in-laws I’m not sure how long that can last. Talking to Wendy about finding an apartment in Shenyang, we worry that it will mean we are here for the long term. But I am starting to think that. Extending my visa now and doing more health exams for that process.

Loadpipe is going well – but last week’s group buy not as much interest – the Hazmat suits aren’t as “simple” as masks – everyone wants masks. So this week will be moving back to masks. We did sell some thermometers and some in-stock masks last week on the platform.

Anyone on the current team / our team network (freelancers / project based team) that has ecommerce experience who wants to work with me on some more projects? We are building out more projects to sell PPE – healthcarephilippines.com is one. Just starting to add all of Daisy’s hospital research she added and considering adding live chat to the site – if someone wants to handle that live chat as it will be a lot of people looking for medical help in the Philippines.

Also speaking at quite a few online summits, and adjusting to this new reality of working online 100%. At least we had quite a bit of practice over the years.

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  1. Nice updates Mike. Just curious, what’s not so great about living in Shenyang? Big city with a lot going on, seems like there are a lot of opportunities.

    1. Author

      Well maybe no one is traveling much – but I am just sitting in this one apartment complex most of the time – and …. you know, I’m the only foreigner which sounds special but gets old pretty fast.

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