What is Mike Michelini Up To Now – March 19 – 25, 2023

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – March 19-25, 2023

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The world is changing, big time. Believe what we are working on and building will fit into this new world well.

* Financial systems, CFO ninjas – hope the new CFO team will start to present reports and show our partners insights. Excited for this.
* Singapore – will fly out on Wednesday, speak at an Amazon Global Selling event on Supply chain, and then return on Friday. Also hope to confirm the Canton Fair trip this week.
* Build up and support this HNS grass roots community – it just sparked my interest to take my Startup Weekend experience to build a local meetup network for handshake and the dweb.
* “Digesting” all the Amazon events and product development for various brands.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan March 19 – 25, 2023 Shadstone Limited

There is a quote about nothing significant happens for decades and massive changes happen in weeks. For sure you can say similar right now in the global outlook and also at many of our business initiatives at Shadstone Limited.

Two weeks ago we finished organize HandyCon 2023, third annual, which really helped showcase to the public at large the amazing amount of grassroots building and creating happening at the Handshake blockchain / community.

While HandyCon was happening, the US banking system started to crack, and it is spreading fast. I dont want to make financial advice to our team, but I am not bullish on USD right now, there is a flooding if printing happening and will most likely continue to happen. Very fascinating times.

And then this week, as we settle the HandyCon event matters, I was invited to speak at Amazon Global Selling’s meetup this past Friday – to 80 amazing sellers and local businesses. Saturday (yesterday) we had a booth at the event where we connected to many Thailand factories and service providers to strengthen our network and gain leads to do training and services for this growing market to sell on Amazon.

Luciano our partner in Excalibur Brothers has been in town all week and we have been visiting factories and markets to develop more products and plan next stage of the brand.

As this is happening, we are continually chipping away at the marketing and business processes of these brands and businesses.

Still a lot of refining in our financial systems between the companies and brands – but the CFO ninjas are chipping away working with others on our team.

There is so much happening, my body is numb from all the intense work the last couple weeks. So I again will keep this week plan shorter to rejuvenate my energy – yet just know we at our company, as well as the global economy – are undergoing massive shifts in these turbulent times.

While no one can predict the future, for years, for decades, we have been building to this very moment. If it goes the way I see it going – we are in a very strong position for the new way the world will work.

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