Take New Year Resistance + Turn To Positive Energy

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Jan 9 – 15, 2022

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Must stay positive – but what a start to 2022! Covid surging globally, typhoon recovery ongoing, HR balancing, but then who said life was going to be easy? Need to realize that these challenging times are what define us as a person and as a company.

So take that hardship and channel that energy into growth.

  • Couple more weeks until Chinese new year – tons of meeting requests and deals in the pipeline for content, SEO, ecommerce here in Shenzhen, China. Most are local China dealflow.
  • Blimp Method mastermind session kickoff this week – 4 amazing people onboard and will launch Excalibur Brothers products in the coming months. Have some amazing “tricks up our sleeves” to cross our knowledge across multiple industries to differentiate.
  • Indigitus – finally can show the world the video. What a wild couple weeks to get this out but it is 99% done and will be sharing this coming week.
  • HR / finance – still finishing up 2021 year-end reports, budgets and HR plans. (Stuff I am weak at but is critical to be a growth company)
  • Tons more, mainly need to further connect and integrate the Shadstone team with our partner projects and investments and clients.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Jan 9 – 15, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Last week I am hoping was the “final stretch” in adjusting and re-grouping post: Typhoon, some vacay time from our much deserving team member and some sick leave from core team. Gotta stay motivated and keep pushing. But to be honest it has been rough few weeks on me and the company with all this on/off of various team members.

BUT we are still keeping operations mostly going which is the real test. We survived having multiple core team members offline and still mostly able to keep the core functions of the company going for our clients and partners.

Indigitus also been hard hit by the COVID at the core partner level and we are pushing ahead, 99% ready to show the product video that has been delayed for weeks and weeks.

Excalibur Brothers – we onboarded 4 franchisees from the Blimp Method campaign and this coming week we’ll have the first mastermind session as well as the course lessons being dripped out steadily. Lots of webinars, calls, emails – but the fruit is being brought in and we are launching products soon and making things happen.

NowShenzhen we are brainstorming with the sales and China operations team on the content flow and making some SOP and procedures for that.

One point I am learning – we need to better bring together our partners and our Shadstone team. One partner said that he isn’t sure how to use Google docs / shared drive and I (we) never explained it to him and we should have some kind of instruction board.

THEN I REALIZED, we have an amazing “bible” of SOPs – our handbook – but do we add our partners to this handbook? Or do we make a new handbook for partners? I am brainstorming on this but we need to extend SOPs and processes for our partners and our clients as we do amazing with our team and need to pass those processes down to more.

A bit of rambling here but the dream is still coming true. The core idea has always been, since Shadstone was incepted in 2007, to be a core “engine” for our partners.

So we have an amazing Shadstone team. Now, we need to better integrate our team with our partners and clients. Already made nice progress getting a good amount of us on Wechat with company phones and other social media (really believe it is better to separate business and personal social media – else people will burn out like me, ha!)

So this week – still:
* Financials – budgets
* HR – org chart defining more, hiring more
* Partner integration more with our Shadstone team

These are what I need to spend more time on. We are doing amazing, I and the company “got rocked” with the typhoon and other HR matters but we are re-adjusting and further strengthening our processes and expanding out team to be even more powerful and unstoppable.

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