Week Plan Sept 5: I love being overwhelmed….

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – September 5 – 11, 2021

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Overloaded and I’m realizing, I love to be overloaded!

  • NamesCon – it is coming up QUICK – Sept 22 -24 and we are working on the Handshake track. Lots of last minute prep as always.
  • Indigitus router – may need another factory visit; still on hardware/software integration challenges.
  • HR team – hope we can onboard an HR person for our Shadstone team and start to build out proper HR procedures and policies for the benefit of the amazing team we have.
  • Esatto Product launch – finally “bit the bullet” and company paid 25K ocean shipment to send our first batch of bar products for Amazon launch. Need to figure out how to launch a new brand in Q4!
  • Websites, websites, websites – so many website projects – Indigitus, NowShenzhen, client work, and more.
  • Global From Asia/ acquisition biz – no events this week but planning a longer term strategy for events and marketing to get more deal flow and build quality relationships.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Sept 5 – 12, 2021 Shadstone Limited

What is up everyone! We are on a roll and hope everyone is as excited as I am. This is the stuff that I love – I LOVE TO DO A LOT OF THINGS. Focused around our strength in the team skills – web marketing. And, we are making this come true. We are lining up strategic partners in various businesses where they are focusing on their strength, and we focus on our strength.

On the team side: welcome back our video host. She worked with Shadstone in the past on video creation and will be doing that for our network of sites. She is a very positive and friendly person so please do not be shy to welcome her! Also we plan to have her involved in the Global From Asia videos as well like before.

We are getting closer to finding an HR person for our growing team. Our consultant referred someone and they seem promising and are going through our interview process. Once we get the HR person onboard we hope to review and improve our internal HR processes and program (please be ready to give your feedback) as well as start to recruit more people to help us with our growing projects.

We do want to focus on HR so please share your suggestions. COVID has been tough for all of us and it is also a chance now for us to reflect on how the company can adjust to the new normal.

Some updates on our massive list of projects:

  • Our bar products Amazon brand, Esatto. Finally we are shipping the containers to USA from our Thailand factory. And, we are absorbing the massive container shipment fees to do so. But we do hope to get it online in time for Christmas sales, which will be a first time for me to launch new products during Q4. Normally we try to get products launched (started) before Christmas so there are reviews and ranking. But COVID makes everything special.
  • Indigitus router still working with software and hardware integration which is a massive challenge to be honest. May not need to go to the factory this week though, but who knows.
  • NamesCon / Flamingo Handshake auction – Sept 22-24 will be a busy few days for me, 3am Asia time events for NamesCon’s Handshake track.
  • Our website projects and clients – plenty of them and we are focusing our team and our skills on website creation, content creation, and organic internet marketing. We are still doing paid ads for a couple clients and projects but we will not continue to offer that service. We cannot get tempted with projects outside of our core skillset and we need to focus on what our team is best at where we have a good amount of people who can back each other up.
  • Global From Asia and the Amazon FBA acquisition projects – we had a nice GFA meetup last week in Shenzhen, China. Invite only / member only, AA (pay your own way) was a good way to have good people without needing to charge door fees. Plan to do more of these, but also thinking of how to combine online and offline. Working on a new type of podcast that has Chinese translation as this would be amazing to show the rest of the world what Chinese Amazon sellers actually think – not a US reporter’s perspective.
  • NowShenzhen (aka Shenzhen Party) – the domains, hosting, and logins have been moved over. Just a ton of stuff, and our website team has been busy rebuilding the site, migrating content. Hopefully we can fully transition to our normal website solution systems once it is all set.

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