NOW Week Plan March 8 – 14 2020

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Quick updates (bullets)

  • In Manila until Thursday
  • Bohol for a Shadstone company retreat Thursday to Monday
  • Working on a coaching package for ecommerce businesses adjusting to the new coronavirus world.
  • New newsletter, public figure FB page, site, for my personal brand Michael Michelini

Long format for my team

Week Plan March 8 – 14, 2020 Shadstone Limited

More personal branding focus – still riding the wave of media requests after the Yahoo TV and Wall Street Journal the week before, with more podcasts, more blog articles, and more content collaborations with bloggers.

Stephenie has been working closely with me on re-designing the site, and we are starting a new email newsletter and coaching package there. It will put “everything under one roof” to make “what does Mike do” more clear to the world (and probably even you the team!)

The Facebook “public figure page” is ready at and Edwin is giving Alvin and the team great ideas for further improving our new content strategy of 1 minute video clips with engaging captions (as most people on FB don’t have sound on when scrolling in their feed). Just a new way of content and am excited to discuss it and re-focus the team.

As making my personal brand site, you’ll notice I am updating Global From Asia, Mike’s blog, and others to separate myself from them. If you go to the – you’ll notice that is talking as a team / as a group – and then in the page it mentions if you want to work personally with Michael Michelini -go to his personal consulting website. This is the shift, and it a transition and a process, but we will get there.

More shifting in the team last week, putting some people’s project pause for now until the economic conditions turn around. We just need to get through the rough patch of things as we are slowing down the offline events and moving more to online marketing. Also if you’re on our web team, you’ll notice we are slowing down the web projects. Just need to buckle down while this shift in the world economy happens and will come back investing even more soon.

This coming week we are preparing for the management retreat in Bohol – it seems perfect timing for the company as all this changes in the team and the content strategy for the Michael Michelini public figure Facebook page. It is a huge shift in the content marketing and a more clear content strategy which has been hard for me to explain in video SOPs so will be exciting to spend time with Mindy, Alvin, LJ, Stephenie and make the team more clear on where we are and where we are going. That is this Thursday to Monday.

Wish all of us could be there, if you have things you’d like us to discuss please let us know. Will go through the org chart, the roles, the tools we use, the communication flow, and more. I’ve met Alvin and Mindy before, but will be my first time to meet LJ and Stephenie so I’m excited. We are blessed with such a great team and thank you all for being here during this big transition both in the company and in the world.

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