Weibo Agent Update, Focus + Time To Do Hardcore Sales as a Startup

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I’m on a mission. I’m proud of myself…what I realize is no one is going to care more about anything except yourself. You have to want it, you have to want to win. You have to have vision.

I may test some relationships, but I am on a mission to build this startup and rock the Chinaccelerator at the end of October. I am going to be selling. I get a lot of emails on the blog and from friends who want to enter the Chinese market…. I believe Weibo Agent is a AWESOME SOLUTION for them.

Weibo Agent started as a analytics tool for Chinese social media, but…ya, even I kinda got bored of that. Understanding social media…data…BOOORING! right? And using the Lean Startup methodology, we noticed, people didn’t use the online system and instead wanted us to help them…

—> GET RESULTS. Get Fans, Get Leads, Get Customers, Find business cooperations

So we dug deeper. Looked at the lean startup canvas. They wanted to FIND potential business deals, don’t care about their data, their account status. I talk to tons of western companies that want to meet more Chinese businesses. Sina Weibo and all kinds of Chinese social media can help them. Hope I don’t rub some people the wrong way. I truly believe this service can help them.

A relevant article that has been getting passed around the Chinaccelerator forum – WHY STARTUPS SHOULDN’T BE AFRAID TO SELL

here are some excerpts from the article:


In my opinion, too many startups are afraid to sell their products. They’re afraid there’s too much competition, they’re afraid not enough consumers will be willing to pay for it, and they’re afraid of not getting the traction to attract investors or an acquirer.

I’m not sure why so many startups shy away from selling their products but I think one of the big reasons may be that initial sales can be challenging. It’s tough to convince the first group of consumers to pay because no one likes to be first and there is a digital culture that most products are free, so why would anyone have to pay for a product.

We just got notice that our Weibo Agent app (+ API key) has been officially approved by Sina (screenshot in today’s blog post). This is somewhat of a big deal, they are a bit slow in approving applications, and I have had to explain my business model them in order to get some traction.

I really don’t think many western companies are building Chinese social media apps. IT IS FREAKING HARD! And I should not be ashamed to push these initial customers to signup for my startup’s service. We are doing something not many have done before, and we are helping businesses use social media in China to get customers!

I want to help people do business in China, and I have learned at the 10×10 Beijing event in August, that a good salesperson needs to be a challenger! Challenge a customer to use a product or service that will make their life better, easier, make more money.

So I hope ya’ll don’t get angry when I’m pitching my startup on skype calls, emails, conversations over beers. I have to get a bit more aggressive.

So here, a shameless self promotion, give it a whirl, October we are going to update to 30 day trials only and then paid afterwards.

Test, Listen, Learn, Adapt, Grow.

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  1. Man, YOU ROCK!!!! This is really something to share.


  2. Hey Mike,

    I don’t think you need to apologise for sharing something you’re excited about!

    Success happens when people are talking about your good product/service. If they don’t know about it, they’re not going to be talking about it?

    As long as you’re creating value, do it. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you can achieve!

    1. thx Mitch. yes….im putting my name all over this startup so i have something to prove. and i stand behind it

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