USA Immigration, We Can’t Save The World By Importing People

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Watched this youtube video Can mass immigration into USA help world poverty? Its really a struggle in my mind….

Below he outlines the report from the world bank, giving the amount of people who earn less than $2 a day.

Africa 650 million ppl
India – 890 million
China – 480 million
Rest of Asia 810 million
Latin America – 105 million

In total thats 3 billion people in the world who are desparately poor, earning less than two dollars a day, or 3,000 gum balls. Every year we take 1 million people and suggest we made a humanitarian difference? And we didnt take these people who are earning less than $2 a day, but instead the majority of our immigrants into USA are from Mexico…where they are earning more then that, and generally more capable and educated.

So….he says that how many people in the world are above the 3 billion people making two dollars a day, but less than the average income of Mexico, and that is an additional 2.6 billion people!

5.6 billion with average income less than 5,600 gumballs, of people in America that are poorer then the average Mexican standard immigrant into America.

So then America has an approved amount of immigrating 1 gum ball each year…or 1 million people. And even if there was RADICAL change, to double it (to 2 million people, or 2 gum balls)

and then he says maybe this immigrating the top notch people from outside of America even hurts global poverty, as it takes the strongest, most able people in that country. They are leaders, agents of change. Maybe these people should stay in their country they are born in, and help their own country, being that they are the best

And another sad thing to also consider is birthrate…..which is well above the 1 million people immigrating into America each year….so the 5.6 billion is growing each year…exponentially.

Sadly, 99.9% chance have no chance to leave their own country……lets help them their, rather then taking them into america, and being a strain on the american economy…….and dragging down the American economy at the same time.

A supporting commenter:

When you invite the Third World in mass, you become the Third World. Roy Beck is a godsend for our Western Nation. Give em Hell, Roy! thumbs up many times.

A negative reaction on the video:

Using his logic perhaps we should stop trying to heal the sick in this country since we can’t possibly heal all the sick in the world. This is simply anti immigrant, anti poor, and he should be honest and admit it. He ends by saying “Lets help them there”. Right, and just how has he been doing that?

A supporting commenter:

He’s not saying immigrants are a burden, he’s saying we cannot keep up at the rate we are pulling them from all over the world…before Ted Kennedy changed the yearly immigration numbers, which was 200,000 a year, we were doing okay. But you cannot sustain 1.2 million legal immigrants which piles on top of the 90,000 illegals every year. More kinds of jobs? The government is regulating us out of jobs and then we will have 1.280 mil/yr unemployed, can you pay for that?

I am still balancing and contemplating this overall concept and idea…..being in Asia these past few years has opened my eyes to how the “rest of the world” lives….and as some of my friends and readers here see as “americans are lazy” theory I am molding….but really, I don’t think the average american realizes how poor people live in the world, and how fortunate they are to be born in America.

But I have to agree, the world is flat theory, with internet, technology, and communication systems rapidly developing…..countries with less developed infrastructures can now do business more transparently…education can be done remotely online, and it allows people to learn on their own……

And outsourcing and offshore manufacturing has given many of these countries the ability to get a chance to learn and develop…which I see almost as “too late” to reverse if countries such as American and Europe tried to stop / slow down outsourcing and offshore manufacturing, its impossible to stop. People all over the world now can access the same information, almost at instaneously the same time…is mind blowing…..and I can only think people will get more educated and aware globally.

I am a supporter of allowing anyone in the world to have the same opportunities and chances in life, no matter what country they were born into, or what family they were born into…..people should be able to work hard and achieve if they so desire.

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  1. Hey Mike, I like the way you said everything here. You were very careful to say the average american and I appreciate that. This guy makes a good point and I think I agree with the idea that “Increasing the level of immigration into the USA will not solve the worlds poverty and poor issues” I am for immigration as I am an immigrant myself and think it should be controlled. but he is saying that immigration wont solve poverty in the world. it wont. Good post – interesting topic

    1. Author

      yes, I was careful this time….I know it is a SENSITIVE subject….but it is definitely something I am hearing about in my daily life these days…

      AVERAGE american, ok glad this makes it better, I didn’t mean to generalize all americans……but as I travel internationally, I tend to generalize cultures to quickly be able to make business decisions ….

      I think its good for America to allow immigrants, the BEST immigrants, the hard working ones……its those who come for a free ride taht cause the problems…but don’t think this helps world poverty at all

      glad you liked, and thanks for the comment bro

  2. The assumption is that immigration is determined by the government. Only the amount is determined. Ultimately, it is the businesses of the US that determine who can come in every year. And businesses want people that can provide some type of benefit directly to the company. The argument is incorrect in that the speaker assumes those businesses are not going back into those countries. Or that those immigrants are not providing some sort of assistance themselves to their home countries. Discontinuing immigration is counterintuitive to what our founding fathers wished for our country. And using the same gumball theory presented, discontinuing immigration will not make any measurable difference because the last time I checked, 300 million is less than 3.5 billion. Companies like Chevron are attempting to help those third world countries with their involvement, or abusing the desperation of the countries and the people for the sake of profit. You decide.

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