Get relaxed with ULTEK UHM-JS01 Aroma Humidifier!

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How does ULTEK UHM-JS01 get you relaxed?

How does humidifier work? Just like any aroma humidifiers, it uses extracts of natural oils of a plant to improve a person’s quality of health. There are numerous aroma humidifiers available for purchase, and ULTEK UHM-JS01 Aroma Humidifier is one. You do not have to worry the ULTEK humidifier is portable!

Scientific procedure use aroma humidifiers for aromatherapy. It has numerous health benefits that include the ability to relieve depression and anxiety, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, boost cognition, strengthen the immune system, induce sleep, reduce pain, increase circulation, and improve digestion. Before you purchase an aroma humidifier, you have to know how do humidifier work.

Relax after a stressful day, purify your home, and humidify your home with the adjustable mist of the humidifier.

This article will detail the ULTEK UHM-JS01 Aroma Humidifier review. The descriptions below are the specifications of the aroma humidifier. Check the specifications of the product to ensure that it fits your expectations and is suitable for your needs.

ULTEK UHM-JS01 Aroma Humidifier

ULTEK UHM-JS01 Aroma Humidifier improves the air quality of your home. When the humidifier combined with essential oils, it freshens the room and improves your health. This aroma humidifier equipped with an elegant LED light is perfect for night light functions. With its practical functionality, the standard type touch screen powers the humidifier. More so, your phone can functionally convert into a remote and control the music playback.

Details of the product review

Portability is not a question with ULTEK UHM-JS01 Aroma Humidifier, it only weighs about 642 grams and has a size with 137 mm by 242 mm in dimension. The tank volume can contain 1.5 Liters of essential oils and water. The essential oils are for prevention and reduction of the allergens present in the environment.

The ULTEK UHM-JS01 Aroma Humidifier uses 1.7MHz of ultrasonic frequency to produce a fine mist than any of the available aroma humidifier in the market. You do not have to worry about the mist released from the humidifier it is quietly released. The noise of the humidifier is less than 35 decibels (A), perfect for you to sleep without any disturbance.

However, if you want some music while having an aromatherapy, the ULTEK aroma humidifier is best for you. The Bluetooth connectivity supports the humidifier to connect compatible devices for music playback.

The maximum mist volume the humidifier releases is about 160 mL per hour. The application range of the humidifier can reach up to 20 m². The rated power the humidifier uses can consume up to the maximum capacity of 14 Watts. The rated current of the humidifier is 600mAh. It can continuously work for about 10 hours.

Enjoy relaxing while listening to your favorite music. Relax at your home, office, or leisure spa with the ULTEK UHM-JS01 Aroma Humidifier with high functionality. Spend your fortune with ULTEK, and you will not regret using this technology that is long-lasting, portable, and easy to maintain.

*The package only includes a power cord that stretches about 1.5 meters.

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