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Today I found out my kid is a budding artist -we try out product review, and is Miles a Leftie like me?!?!

Product Review – Coco Color Stylus

Back in my video blog 28, we met Hugh Bell, an entrepreneur and friend of mine for a few years. He has been working passionately on this new product and I am one of the lucky first to get to try it out. He gave me this free sample in exchange for an honest review which I am giving today.

The packaging is quite nice – though I had a little bit of an issue peeling it back on the back as you can see – no biggie.

Using the pen is super easy! Really just need to unscrew the back so you can remove the plastic insert and then gives the batteries their connection.

It is always on, so you just need to install one of 2 apps to get it going.

He has 2 apps to choose from, so let’s take a look:

App 1 is the doodle app – just for free style drawing and free-style drawing.

App 2 is the voyages – which has levels from outer space until the center of the earth. They did a great job in cooperating with a talented artist based in Hong Kong ———

Works both on phones and tablets – so now I’m on my wife’s iPad.

Some feedback is that the app does take a lot of battery – so when I am not using it I close the app. Maybe if there is a way to solve that in future app updates, I’m sure they will improve that as it develops.

I have 2 young kids, my oldest is 2 years old – feel it is a bit too early for him to use it.

They told me that this is meant for tweens and adults – not for toddlers – as the tip is a bit sensitive for crazy little kids in their terrible 2 phase.

It hasn’t yet been released, but you can pre-order it on his website at

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