Cook delicious foods with SKG 2000W Electric Ceramic Stove!

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SKG 2000W Electric Ceramic Stove

There are numerous electric ceramic stoves available in the market, but SKG 2000W Electric Ceramic Stove is the best glass-ceramic cooktop for you. To maximize the use of the electric ceramic stove, consider the size of the cookware you use, think of the material of the cookware, choose the right shape of the cookware, and keep the glass-ceramic of the stove clean to ensure the effectiveness of the stove is fully functioning.

The redesigned innovation took over to be the ideal design, a flat cooking surface, and glass-ceramic for electric cooktops. As of today, many people use electronic ceramic cooktops because it provides consistent heat flow and energy efficiency.

How do electric ceramic stove work? Underneath the surface of glass-ceramic, the electrical current flows through the metal coils. The electrical resistance generates heat to the metal coil and transfers to the glass-ceramic through the infrared energy, and from the glass-ceramic through convective heat.

The low thermal expansion, infrared transmission, and emission of the glass-ceramic warms the cooking zone by transmitting the energy to the glass-ceramic. The surrounding surface of the glass-ceramic is relatively cool. While the cooktop of the glass-ceramic continues to transfer heat until the electricity stops flowing.

But, a bit knowledge of the specifications and insights of this electric ceramic stove is written in detail in the SKG 2000W Electric Ceramic Stove review.

SKG 2000W Electric Ceramic Stove

The design of the SKG 2000W Electric Ceramic Stove is elegant, with a touch power start, temperature setter, and timer. The touchpad controls are located at the central front of the cooktop, and the controls have an indicator that shows the temperature setting. One of the benefits of the countdown timer feature is, it has the capability to keep warm. The clean lock function avoids any unintentional changes with the temperature setting.

The SKG 2000W Electric Ceramic Stove is compact and portable. The size dimension of the product is 280 mm by 360 mm by 63 mm. It has a modern and elegant design that can be installed on top of your kitchen counter. The electric ceramic stove weighs 20.5 kilograms.

We know that size and shape matters. It is a square model that perfectly fits the space on your counter. Moreover, the distance requirements of the surrounding surface and cooking surface are relative and at a minimum distance.

You can simmer foods, rapidly boil fools, or any cooking style you prefer. As the electric ceramic stove provides a rated power of 2000 Watts. Thus, carefully note that this item only supports a rated voltage of 220 Volts and 240 Volts.

The SKG 2000W Electric Ceramic Stove is made of explosion-proof microcrystalline plate. It does not produce smoke, fire, and pollution.

Join the evolution of the electric ceramic stove through the use of SKG 2000W Electric Ceramic Stove! We all know it is a high energy efficient tool. We hope that the SKG 2000W Electric Ceramic Stove review gave you a better insight and understanding on how to efficiently prepare a meal and control the heat.

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