Book Review – Fully Lived: Keep things flowing – keep things going.

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Life is going pretty fast – but the key is to keep them going and flowing. Back from Bangkok, a small jet lag (one hour difference) still affects my morning routine as it takes a day or so to get the exact timing of wake up and going to sleep right. Think I’m doing better than previous conferences, in the past I would be completely dead for a couple days after the conference but this year I am on top of the game.

Reading Tal Gur’s book “Fully Lived” right now and realizing I need to be better at focusing on improving the process, not thinking about the outcome. Continuous process improvement I think is what the Japanese quality experts call it.

Living in the here and now. Our minds want to think about the past and the future, the monkey mind stressing us out about all the things that have already happened and ones that might happen in the future.

But we as people need to get better and focusing on the here and now. Enjoying where we are today and enjoying the journey and the process.

This is something that has strengthened in me as I read through Tal’s latest book “Fully Lived” – he focuses a lot on his own personal journey, and he is open about the roller coaster ride of his own personal journey.

By him being open about his own journey and his own internal and external struggles, it helped me to have a better perspective that this happened to me too. That we all make mistakes, there are times when all of us don’t want to get out of bed or keep staring at a blank computer screen.

The key to success, and not going insane, is to listen to your heart. To find if you are on the right track. And to remember it isn’t where you are going, but where you are now and the process you are using to get towards that goal.

The process is key.

For example, I am writing this up today at about 7:30am after an intense week long conference. I surely want to take a break, take a day off. But I am committed to sticking to my commitment of writing each and every day. To keep that flow going. To be a winner in the PROCESS.

Another thing I learned in the book Fully Lived was there are 2 ways to be a “nice guy” – one with no plan to benefit from it, and other – smarter business people – who have a plan to benefit from all the help they are giving people. It is mindset, I believe I am a nice person and helping people. But I do have to be a bit more “selfish” and try to also but in a bit and ask people to help me out a bit when I need it. Not just sit back and hope they see that I need help later down the road- I have to actively seek their help and hope they remember the good deeds I have done for them in the past.

But still give willingly, but focus on helping those who help me in return.


So critical to our lives.

Tal is an amazing person and I have been fortunate to cross paths with him a couple times in this life. His book, Fully Lived, is something I recommend to those looking for some direction in their life. Some mindset direction, some motivation. And also to enjoy a journey of a person who has traveled through so much and documented it.

Check it out here – Fully Lived

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