Twitter has resparked my interest in the internet!

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Its now 3am here on a saturday night / sunday morning….wow, i’m more of geek more then ever!!! Tomorrow (yes, Sunday!) the office is opened as the Chinese government made Sunday a workday due to Thursday and Friday being a holiday, so being here on a Saturday isn’t as bad then…

crazy damn bird

crazy damn bird

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But this twitter….for months I’ve had a username, hearing about it, but I’ve put tons of effort learning it…and yes, it takes some time getting the hang of it. And most of my friends still think its pointless…..which actually makes me realize there is still upside and opportunity for it.

Here’s how I’ve gotten exicted about it:

1) SHORT messages….I HATE LONG EMAILS….this is straight to the point, like my A.D.D. attention span personality needs.

2) CAN SEE WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING – no need to “friend request” like in facebook or linkedin to see who they are and what they are doing.

3) most people on twitter are friendly and curious! you can shoot messages to random people, and get answers. And both people enjoy it!

4) real time search – I want to partake in conversations about china, beer pong, new internet products – I go to and then plug it in, see what people are saying, AND THEN REPLY TO THEM! get some answers. Interact. And most are still amazed – “how did you find me?”

5) use it when you want – roll my sleeves up, log in, jump into my messages, direct tweets, streams, and real time search. Interact with all people from the world, perspectives. Ruffle some feathers, get some perspective. now this is life!

So i’m pushing to bring back to life many old websites, learning more wordpress, more 2.0 ways to get internet exposure.

THIS IS THE NEW INTERNET, are you ready? strap in and buckle up.

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