My Twitter Account Suspended – focus on facebook

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So I have been pushing my twitter, facebook, and all other social media tools like no other over the weekend. I start to really realize connecting to friends online now is big business, and its not really friends anymore, its the new link trading and public relations. I have been saying how facebook is copying twitter, and that facebook will probably win over time – as it has a bigger and more loyal userbase.

The main difference being that twitter is public profiles and information for the world to see, while facebook users are a bit more private and have to be friends before seeing their status updates.

Well, this Monday morning I head to my computer to check my twitter – and it was SUSPENDED!

my twitter account suspended

I check into my API tools, maybe its tweetlater, as a few of my accounts have been suspended – so I check their blog – twitter account suspensions then I start to wonder, is it this tweetlater tool that is behind my account being suspended?

Then, just twitter posted an update about the situation and specifically said it is not tweetlater’s fault.

Its just amazing how this has become a part of my life, and so many others. And how people like to point fingers so quickly. Hope it all works out ok.

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