Economy Goes Down – Scumbags Go Up!

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Surfing around twitter and the overload of blogs, and its almost sad to see how people sell themselves out in hopes of getting some affiliate income. But this world where anyone can jump online and make a blog with some links to hope to make some money. Below I had to take some snapshots, they are pretty humorous.

How low will they go?

How low will they go?

I removed the face on this guy, but I can just imagine the scheme he got himself into. Just hope he didn’t pay a fee to “get a free website that will autogenerate cash”. Push tons of twitter followers onto these scams sites, if they fall for the same scam you fell for, you’ll get a percentage of the crap they just bought. Sad.

Make anything up.

Make anything up.

But its a good lesson, and I think it will get these people to learn more about the internet and online business. So in the long run, it would be worth it.

I guess I can admit I have fallen for some of these scams. Maybe they do have genuine possible returns, but the 0.0001% of people who realize it, the general masses will not be happy. I used Storesonline back in 2004 and I would say the majority of people who signed up

Like Those Stories in College
Look to your left, and look to your right, 1 of you will not graduate. That is a story I remember people would say happen during the opening orientation of university. I feel the same is in the internet world. So many blogs, websites, twitter accounts. All the hopefuls dreaming of big cash, logging into their online bank with 6 or 7 digits of cash. We all hav that dream, who wouldn’t. But not everyone can achieve it. Those willing to work hard, study hard, and adapt to the changing internet landscape will survive. And…oh yea, you have to enjoy it wholeheartedly!

Made a quick graph, kind of funny, but I would say its true. As people lose their jobs, and have tough economic strains, they fall victim more to online money making rings. And in today’s online environment, its easier then ever to get started and hooked….Sadly, there isn’t a shortage of companies willing to scam you out of your hard earned cash.
So don’t give up, keep your chin up, learn, and try. And yea, try to enjoy it at the same time.

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