SalesLion Go-Live and Birthday Bash

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Been so busy hard to keep posting on the blog. Insane amount of working getting Sales Lion live, did get to sneak in a cake today with the staff. Images attached.

post more later

adding 4/12/2009
my horoscope for 2009. Think this below is pretty true, especially lately….still rather unpredictable future in the short term here, trying my best. But kept being put in tight positions where I feel someone thinks they can push me around because I may be in a vulnerable position. Then I stand firm and take a 180 turnaround position and don’t back down.





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  1. Happy Birthday dude! picture makes my eyes hurt. oh they hurt so bad. i think it could be your tshirt. change your tshirt and take another picture

  2. i like this shirt!!! it was a birthday gift

  3. Hi Mike,
    You in the photo,look like a middle-school boy.

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