I Got a Drone! Mike’s Blog 095

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I’m excited to say – I have finally gotten a drone! Alex, my friend and fellow Youtube’r (check out his channel on youtube at globalfromasia.com/unboxingchina – which is an easy way to remember how to find the channel) – we met at an Amazon FBA conference last year and have been keeping in regular touch. He supported me by attending the Cross Border Summit last week – and brought a new drone that they are waiting to release.

So – after the summit, he and the manufacturer of the drone were so excited with teh conference and what we are doing – they want us to review the drone! heck ya – I’ll try this bad boy drone out and add more aerial video captures to all my video blogs now.

Thanks Alex – so what do you guys think? Should I review more products that are coming out of China directly? Would you also like to review some products?

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