Time with the Family – Remembering Old Times

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Spending the past few days with the family – mom, dad, grandma, uncle Gary – browsing old photos, sharing stories of China and life – amazing how things have changed. My whole family has moved / transplanted from Connecticut to Florida….its mid November and i’m sweating as I write this on the back porch!

Anyway. scanned in some old school photos from back in the day!!! Thought I would share….not much else going on since coming back from China….taking care of finances and working working working!!

My dad dropping me off for boy scout summer camp

walking to first day of school w/ my sister

always liked traveling to new unknowns

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  1. Full of love!
    sometimes,i want to come back,to be a kid,but that can’t help me,i can’t avoid anything.I must grow up. studying working taking care of myself/my parents. ..
    by the way,these photos show me that you are so lovely !

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