Making Blogs For My Kids

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So, I bought their domain names as soon as they were born, but never really setup the website. This is for a couple reasons, one I was so busy, and the other because many of my friends say it is not good to put your kids on the internet.

I have convinced myself that they are going to thank me for this later. I won’t reveal too much about them, and I am excited to get this going.

I will write the blogs for them (for now!) and put it in the first person, as if I was them. We will discuss milestones we are going through, maybe even problems we are having in our little mini-adult lives! First day of school, tooth fairy visits, Christmas day, and more!

You can check out the work at :

Can’t wait to share the little lives of my best friends, Maggie and Miles. Also some faster ways to find them is and as I know the domain name and my last name is a bit long!

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