Turn My Kids into Youtubers?

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Make My Kids a Youtube Channel?

As a dad, and content creator, and former vlogger (I may return, but in a new shape and form), I do like the concept of documenting my kids growing up.

Today’s day and age you can do so much more than simply marking their height on a door frame

You can record the kids growing up!

One thing people did like about my youtube Channel was my kids!

I was nervous to put them out there, and I did get some complaints from friends and some family (but not all) that thought it wasn’t fair to put my kids on the internet without them being aware and old enough to “consent” (but by that age, they aren’t kids anymore)

So, I am considering instead of myself starting to video blog again, have my kids start a channel. Seems like kid’s on youtube are more popular than adults. And there is so much to talk about.

If I do get my kids to start video blogging, I will use a Youtube notebook organizer for sure – so that we can plan out each show.

Still early stage development for this – my oldest son is just about 5 years old, so I will give it a couple more years.

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