I’m in this new Life Stage called “Odyssey”

In motivation by Michael Michelini2 Comments

My mom left this article for me to read on the desk – very interesting…..and I would agree true to life – a New York Times article by David Brooks –

Odyssey – during this decade, 20-somethings go to school and take breaks from school. They live with friends and they live at home. They fall in and out of love. They try one career and then they try another.

Yes, being in the midst of this new life stage, I can agree that it has developed in today’s new society…people delay “growing up” in the traditional sense of love, marriage, children – so it only makes sense this time after school and before “new family” life would exist.

I love this life stage….try new things, open your eyes! I wish more of my friends would partake…seems many get pressured to stay in their comfort zone instead of venture to new things….

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