The Turning Point….When I Realized I Couldn’t Fail

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Chatting to my boy Dustin Ellard right now…he and I have both been internet businessmen working in different projects over the years, helping each other out. He said he’d not been keeping up on my blog and wanted to catch up…I mentioned ya, I’m still trying to blog at least once a day, then he said “good job keeping at it.”

I said, haha yea I’m on a roll with the blog. Then he said, not the blog…just you, business…not giving up…just keep plugging away…day in and day out….

In a way, I feel kind of TRAPPED that I can’t get out, can’t give up….but in a way, I know there are ways out but I don’t want to take those ways….easy way out, or backtracking. I will keep pushing forward.

I think its also due to having positive people cheering for me. Supporting me along the way…..all the couches I’ve surfed across America and China and Philippines….people have supported me along the way…..kind of like running a marathon…people giving me water alongside the road as I sprint by….and those people are who made it possible for me to keep pushing along as a international entrepreneur.

And of course my parents are the biggest supporters….attaching a clip from a horoscope they cut out of the newspaper. I think when I was younger they tried to guide me…..I remember getting pushed a bit one way or the other from my dad….but I’m a stubborn kid…and still am stubborn. Of course it was hard to leave my well paying job with benefits on Wall Street in New York City…..kind of a dream job for many I’m sure….but one not for me….and one my parents’ had trouble seeing me leave behind.

And then for me to leave USA a couple months ago….my mom was a bit dissappointed, but they have overall supported my “pursuit of happiness” and international business and travel. And having them accept it and my pursuit has helped me move forward more firmly. Sure I miss my family and friends back home.

But back to my change in thought process….I really have lived to feel like there isn’t such thing as failure. Maybe finding out something isn’t right for your life, and you should move on to something else. but is that failure? What I have learned and been told so many times, a big part of life is FINDING WHAT YOU DON’T LIKE TO DO.

Like college internships, that is a great way to try a job and see if you like it, for only a couple months. I remember hating go to some of those internships….and my fraternity brothers would tell me, “hey man, finding out what you don’t like is half the battle”.

And just like finding a job, as an entrepreneur its about finding projects and services you like to do, and you are good at……and going through many projects and experiences you hate….but getting through them……and surviving cash flow crunches…..and insanity of workers, international law. It just makes life that much sweeter.

Sports players always have great motivational quotes about not giving up, and not accepting failure.

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” – Babe Ruth (baseball player)

“One hundred percent of the shots you don’t take don’t go in.” Wayne Gretzky

And that is how I’ve been living my life lately…..Just accepting you never fail, but discover what you don’t like to do, and focusing on what you do like to do. What you can succeed in. Surrounding yourself with like minded people who will support you in achieving the goal.

Anyway, kind of rambling, but Dustin suggested I blog about this thought process.

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  1. Yea, it sounds true that finding what you don’t like to do is part of our life journey. It is real hard to accept something against our wills. Imperfection completes our world, I think. You are doing it good! You are not only being inspired but also inspiring people out there by blogging your own true-to-heart words…

    From someone who is interested in reading what is going on with life out there…

    1. Author

      Thanks D,

      there are posts where I get showered with comments, and others where I think i’m pouring my heart out and nothing comes back in the comments field. but anyway, I am trying to blog without thinking anyone is there anyway…..hope to look back at these hard times and laugh!!

      but yes, keeping it real and glad you enjoy, thanks for your comment and support


  2. I had wrote down“never give up” on my notebook.inspired me.
    there days,i am reading your blog,“never give up”,and don’t believe impossible there words are running in my brain.This one of the reasons why i like to read.:-)

    1. Author

      great man…..yea, i use motivational phrases in all my usernames and it reminds me….and my passwords are also set to keep pushing me even when times are rough throughout the day.

      thanks for reading through this blog and commenting….it also makes me look back and think of these passages.

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