Overextending myself? Hope not overpromising

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Pushing as hard as I can, like usual. Getting comments from my friends reading this blog saying all I do is work!!! Well, yea its what I like to do, why I am glad I quit my dayjob and took the plunge. Learning, growing, becoming better for the next time…..

But the past weeks have been more about dealing with others then about my own business….feel I’ve overextended myself and may risk upsetting friends and partners in different areas of my life. Because I have integrated all my friends into my business life (as business is 100% my life!) I feel I am pulled in different directions. And a feedback I have always gotten my whole life is I am too nice! But then again, being who I am has gotten me this far…..would I be further along or further behind if I was a notorious, heartless businessman? I am not sure, but then again I have gotten more heartless and determined as of late.

Anyway, I wish I could just do what I want to do, and not worry about what others think. That is my weakness, and I am constantly trying more and more to just follow my guy. Its gotten me this far, and I’m happy where I am now. Just gotta do it.

Holidays are here, new year is coming. People will be changing their focus, their ideas, and I need to be on top of this.

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