Unboxing - SuperBee | Beeswax Wrap Roll

Unboxing – SuperBee | Beeswax Wrap Roll

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Okay let’s check out today the super b roll this is handmade product in Thailand.

I am gonna check it out now so really cool packaging photos of the of the team and this has been there’s many different versions of this but this is kind of the more common use as you can think you’d roll this out at your house for the tin foil or the plastic wrap but this is much more environmentally safe and long lasting and reusable so you just open a box and then this comes out you can see it’s just rolls I already cut one with a scissor and my daughter helped me yesterday save our dinner to cut it to this size you can see it’s nice and sturdy you can also you know use your warmth of your hand to to soften it up a bit to prepare to use it you can put food directly in it and wrap it but the way I’ve been using it is just in a bowl after your meal your leftovers you want to put in a refrigerator let me put this here and then you can hold it down and just like plastic wrap put it onto your bowl so pull that flatten that out but it’s very moldable and reusable and there you go put in your refrigerator keep it in your dining room kitchen wherever and that is the super Bee wrap afterwards when you’re you know done using it that time you just rinse it off and you can reuse it and dry it so you can put it in a bowl of water and just put it in water here put a little here for a test just to clean it off and then just let it hang dry and then you can reuse this many times so it’s it’s made from natural products and it’s also reusable so you’re saving the planet and also saving some money using this over and over again and of course you can make many different shapes and sizes if you want a smaller one you can just cut it here with my scissors as you can see nice and easy and got another one plenty of this in here I’m Gonna Roll it out for you so there you go I’ve got multiple many different kinds that you cut to your shaper size and reuse again and again or or re-roll it and maybe that’s a good way to store it so super b super roll here and thanks for checking this out have a great day bye-bye.

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