Success in Ningbo & Government Made Me Move my Bed!

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Today – back from the airport in Ningbo (delayed flight…from 7pm to 2am takeoff…back at 5am!!! is that allowed in USA??)
Government came to my home office Friday, when I was in Ningbo and basically said to my staff that was there – “you can’t live in your office…office and house has to separate”….so what do I do….move to the warehouse across the street. take down the bed, pay a biker 30rmb to take it “across the street” (really a huge highway)… the city government bureau will check up again in the next couple days…..good thing i’m going to USA for a month….gotta think what my gameplan is.

Success in Ningbo
Interviewing potential workers, viewing warehouses, seeing partner offices, visiting factories. Lots of drinking, bars, beer – you know…business in China!

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  1. dude – hilarious. moving the bed across the highway to the warehouse. that is brilliant. you just seem like such a laid back guy. you just solve problems, even if its a chinese guy on a bike moving your mattress across the street. freakin hilarious. looks like a classic photo you will have in your collection and it will give you a good laugh every time you look at it.

  2. Author

    finally replying your comment here Piotr – made me look back to this post in my current blog entry right now…

    yea, looking back over 1 year now….its crazy…and never gonna forget it

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