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In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Nov 27 – Dec 3, 2022

In photo: kids playing, and stacked up Esatto products for launch.

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Wendy left yesterday to Bhutan, just me and the kids this weekend! Maggie sleeping in my bed and feeling a bit sad – the jobs of a dad on his own. Will work on a Sunday brunch and cook together after this week plan and post.

The main highlights this week
* Marketing team, coordination – BeckyAI kickstarter, Esatto continued launch, Akitai new product line.
* GFAVIP mastermind, also Blimp Method optimize – Aubrey is back to help, and will help train and smoothen this process out.
* Flamingo Handshake auction Thursday morning Asia time

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Nov 27 – Dec 3, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Just keep plugging away, while it is an avalanche of things, do feel positive movement and improvement (movement and improvement rhyme, nice!) and that is what matters.

Retreat is 1.5 weeks away, crazy fast!

Some points for this week and some things we have been achieving.

* Improving the marketing team coordination and communication. Been something we have all seen improving but still a bit more to go. Working on better sharing information from Amazon / IT analytics to the marketing so that the strategy and content can be adjusted to focus on correct and most timely initiatives.

* Esatto launch, a massive one (well only 50% of the products live, and still a lot) – but see massive improvements in the supply chain communication, the marketing and amazon department, software upgrades and optimization. This will help us continue to grow and improve this brand and launch. It is a system not a one time thing

* BeckyAI – as Don said, the middle of a campaign is a lull, but lets work on our strategy – get some webinars recorded, get some influencers products, I’ll make an unboxing – and lets line up as best we can for a last big push before it ends (during our retreat) in early December.

* Akitai- a new product line (sun catchers) is coming out. Let’s make sure to add those products to our website, make some blog posts, and social media, influencer, ambassador, and more. Lets really dial in the product launch process. And keep on “flossing”.

* DWebASAP we got their FOCK hats on Amazon and have it getting spread a bit in the NFT community of TheAlienBoy. Look forward to expanding this exercise to more NFT physical products under the dwebASAP brand.

This coming week, events:

Marketing, marketing, marketing – more content, more strategies, more exercising our marketing team and content team ability and improving the workflow and process. This is a valuable skill and team – let’s keep maximizing it.

GFAVIP mastermind call -getting the flow back for monthly private masterminds for members.

Blimp Method / Loadpipe – Aubrey is back to help us out, yay!

Flamingo Handshake live online auction – Thursday morning Asia time (7am Manila) / Wednesday 7pm New York time.

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