2021: Quality over Quantity

In now by Michael Michelini

What is Mike Michelini up to – Jan 3 – 9, 2021

Gotta make sure to put the “1” in 2021.

Many have said “good riddance” 2020. But I do feel 2021 will still be more lockdowns and virus and vaccine debates and implementation. Will adjust accordingly. Online work and ecommerce is what we do anyway.

The few things we’re working on:

* Company culture and structure – Last week, we had a great management team call and re-focusing my energy on BBSCI (big ideas, big relationships, solve big problems, culture, industry trends).
* Amazon brand content strategy – After months of preparation, the Amazon brand is finally coming alive. I need to push hard to make it happen.
* SkyInclude – Handshake / HNS – Did a marathon amount of content on Handshake for Youtube and the SkyInclude blog. May slow down but gotta get more awareness out.
* GFAVIP masterminds – This week is another set of masterminds. Working hard to get people into groups and make things smoother.

For those who want to read the week plan for Shadstone limited, here it is (removing sensitive info and names)


Week Plan Jan 3 -9, 2021 Shadstone Limited

First week plan for 2021! As with each new year, it is a new beginning and a bit of a fresh start.

We had various turn over – people coming and people going in December. But we truly believe our team is better now than ever! Those here seem to enjoy the work and the culture and we just need to remember our company values:

SLSelf Learn. We are an online team and we need to be able to take initiative to learn. This means we have to review SOPs and videos as well as use google and youtube and other means to find answers. “Not be spoon fed” has become one of our internal sayings.

OOnline. We love to work online. All our team has joined because they want to work online and have a flexible work time and environment. Getting the task done on time and in good quality is more important than punching a time clock and sitting at a desk for 8 hours.

TTeamwork. This one is critical. We must communicate with one another as a team. WE cannot just have “Mike as the boss” and wait for Mike to work with me. We have departments and leaders growing in the company and we work as a team in various projects. We communicate, share knowledge, share ideas, and are open to each other to improve.

Let’s all try to focus on these and highlight people in the company who are following these to make positive examples.

Also had an amazing management and operations team call last week. Thank you! We’re going to do great things this year at Shadstone.

Drew out how our services are mapped out here
(Image removed)

Typed out:

Shadstone = consulting / services in SEO and web and content
GFA = media / community / membership (GFA is a “client” of Shadstone for services)
Our Amazon investments is also a client of Shadstone.
New software developing at SBO / RegardingWork.


On the HR side:

Our PM guru is BACK! She had a great 1 month leave and already started jumping into work on New Year’s Eve!

Another will be joining us this month for Social media marketing roles and to help increase engagement with our content. We are also adjusting our content schedules to be more impactful with the content we make. Thanks to you for introducing her to us.

In a few days, another one will be joining as well. I have known her since 2010 and she is an expert at working with influencers. She will help with the Amazon community building for our brand.

There are more people in the process of joining, and many are coming from referrals in the team. That is really the best kind of new team member as it means they are trusted and also the person referring them must be happy working here to make recommendation for someone to join.

On the project updates:
Over the holidays made 20+ videos on Handshake and decentralized internet. Basically, it’s a course as it is over 2 hours of knowledge and tactics – all on the Sky Include Youtube channel and Skyinclude.com. I truly believe this is the future of the internet and that in 2021 more people will start to study about it and search for it. And, we want Sky Include to be a top resource for it.

Our community management has helped make a GFAVIP mastermind master spreadsheet. We are working on grouping members and getting them to a mastermind that best fits their needs and timezone.

The Amazon brand is getting closer to launch. Samples sent to a photo studio and hope to go live by mid Feb – of course we need to make the shipment from Thailand to USA, etc etc. But we will get there.

Our web development team leader is helping prepare demo accounts for RegardingWork – the HR, but also the Portal and Handbook.

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