Review- Ultimate Reishi Mushroom Formula

Review: Ultimate Reishi Mushroom Formula

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Today I want to share with you something I’ve been using to help with relaxing and better sleep – Mehdi Reishi, an organic mushroom extract.

There are 3 different styles, but the one I am using in the video is the green box, which is the “ultimate” and a blend.

I mix it with water, but you can mix it with coffee, tea, or really any drink you like. It has not much of a taste for me so it shouldn’t interfere with the taste of your drink (in my own opinion).

I’ve been taking it before sleep (not every night, but on nights when I am a bit more highly strung out and stressed). The idea that this calms your nerves a bit while also being an organic and natural mushroom product.

You can take up to 2 packets a day, but for me 1 packet nearing bedtime (usually after a meal) is ideal.

Worth trying it out if you want to test a way to de-stress (naturally) as well as help your sleep quality.

You can find it on the brand’s official website here:

Or on Amazon here:

Hope it helps ease your life a bit.

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