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We need to just get out there and ask for what we want. We want to sit on the sidelines and hope people will see what we are doing and ask us to get involved or give us what we want. Well, that is me most of the time anyway. It is why I love the internet and inbound marketing – people are searching for something, they find it, and then they buy it.

But seems a lot of what I am doing lately is the opposite – it is outbound marketing and approaching people and asking for things. And this is a weakness of mine. Maybe since I was a little kid, I didn’t like to ask for things.

Miles’s teacher, Angel, told us to make sure to practice having Miles asking us for things. She said that he doesn’t seem to like to ask for food or drink or other things at class. Isn’t this human nature? He has gotten better, and being so young he will probably not grow up like me who is shy to ask for things.

Why do I, or some of us, have problems asking for things?

For me, it is showing a weakness. Showing a bit of helplessness. That we are lacking something and need another human being to provide that to us in order to complete a task. So, I think it is because I am so independent and like to be self sufficient. Wonder where that stems from. Probably some subconscious thing from my childhood.

So for now, it is leading into the next big event we are doing Friday Oct 27, 2017 called the Cross Border Matchmaker. I need to ask people to speak, to sponsor, to attend. Sure, many have seen it online and asked me (which I love) or just signup and email, etc for those 3 different types of people / companies we are looking for. But there are a decent amount of times I need to approach someone and ask. This is something I am still breaking limiting beliefs on.

Now, I’m in an editing room after three full days of interviewing Chinese Amazon FBA sellers and suppliers and it is a full day with the editors. The language barrier is rough, Wendy is here helping bridge that gap. We are now looking to add the international – foreigner – side of the promotional video.

And that is on me to ask. To ask people to record videos of themselves. For the speakers, for the attendees: to say:

See you at the CBM 2017- Cross Border Matchmaker on Friday Oct 27, 2017 in Shenzhen, China.

I have no choice, my wife Wendy is a great motivator to have me make it happen. And I’m the gateway to the foreigners. I’ll be approaching speakers and attendees and sponsors to record a clip like this.

You never break through your barriers, your limiting beliefs, until you practice breaking those limits each and every day.

So, how about you – want to help me out 😉 Record a quick clip of the above sentence, or another one we can use in the promotional video for our upcoming, first ever, Cross Border Matchmaker?

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