Hail Storm in Prague – Mikes Vlog 021

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So I’m in Prague now! Arrived middle of last week after an intense conference in Barcelona.

Why am I here? There’s a mastermind meetup (DC Prague) next Friday and then a speaker session on Saturday – and since I’m in Europe anyway may as well stick around!

But there is like a week and a half, almost 2 weeks, between these 2 conferences! While there were some meetups, it is just business as usual for me. I am glad I picked more time in Prague over Barcelona, as my buddy Simon Payne has space for me in his office and that is where I am typing up this very post! Have an extra screen and being so productive!

Implementing a lot I have learned, immediately. Don’t want to “wait for when I have time” as then I will never do it. This is about happening now and making things happen. Take action.

But I need to do some sightseeing. Saturday I went out for a walk (well each day I take a walk) and what started out as a normal day – HOT day – ended up in sudden rain and then HAIL.

I just met my friend Sjors at Starbucks when it started. Unreal – so happy I had my fancy camera, and caught this video blog.

The hail only lasted a few minutes – and the entire rain storm was only maybe 15 minutes long. Then the place dried up – and we walked around a bit. I caught some nice sights that I have been seeing for the past few days and wanted to share.

My parents are loving this video blog – and that alone is a good reason to keep em coming!


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