Re-Entering The Bar Products Online Retail Industry

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Re-entering the Bar Products industry

A bit early stage to say anything, but hey – this is my random personal blog and I have been wanting to get it out of my head for a while. So my first e-commerce business, that I started in 2005, well technically started on eBay in 2004 but launched the website in May 2005 – I am taking back ownership.

New York Bar Store is a passion project that has years of blood, sweat, and tears. But yes, I learned so much from this business, and split it into pieces in 2012 selling various parts of it to my old team (Marie the webshop and Darwin the marketplaces) when I dove into Chinaccelerator and moving into a tech startup in China (Social Agent).

Funny how things in life can go 360 – starting a podcast in 2013 – Global From Asia – drove me back into this new craze called Amazon FBA and the cross border ecommerce world – leading to starting a coffee accessories brand Sisitano – and then leading back to the current owner of New York Bar Store approaching me being that I’m back in e-commerce I may want to take back the reins of that business.

It is a bit overwhelming just typing all this up – but in a way they all connect.

Mike’s Blog – a place for me to share my thoughts, and have trolls leave comments thinking I am just playing around on my personal blog all day, lol.

Global From Asia – a media company, podcast, for cross-border business and e-commerce. Building out our core product as a bootcamp / training grounds for people to learn and grow their businesses.

Sisitano – our FBA business, and brand, that we can talk publicly about (others a bit more private).

New York Bar Store – the idea here is a retailer / distributor – of Sisitano and other products. There are tons of people in our network who want to sell multi-channel (ie diversify off Amazon) and I am still developing the idea but it can be a multi-vendor shopping cart solution for our approved brands – relevant in the home / bar / restaurant niche (spreading out the New York Bar Store niche as wide as possible)

There are actually a ton more businesses to mention, but for today – and the main focus right now – there you go! I’ll be sending this blog to some friends to get their feedback – if you are interested to share some insights – a comment below would be helpful.

Probably thinking – Mike – you do too many things. That is the story of my life – I have learned to just deal with it, and building an amazing team and network to support me in it.

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