Appreciate the Cards You Are Dealt

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Appreciate the Cards You Are Dealt

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Well, been a few days now in Florida – and already missing Wendy, my wife. Still a big shocker on that hard decision to have to leave her by herself in Hong Kong International Airport and separate her from her kids for a few weeks.

Sure, we can harp on this and get angry/etc. But today I want to share a bit in the video and this text write up – we need to move forward and deal with the card we are dealt. Make them most of it.

Have a ton of things still to do, and the show will go on. I went down to Miami with my dad, Nancy (sister in law) and the kids to an Amazon FBA meetup and got to meet some new faces and meet the organizer Carlos. So cool to meet someone in real life that you have been talking with online for a bit.

Yet – this will make me appreciate more and more my wife and how supportive she is. Keep thinking she is supposed to be here with us and how helpful that would be. A life companion, a person that knows the plans and helps keeping things going smoothly.

Can’t change the USA trip – have a lot to do here and its only a bit less than 2 weeks to go.

Will make the most of it – and life will go on. Will make our relationship that much stronger. Appreciate the people you have around you – whether its a denied US customs entry or a death or someone needing to relocate to a new city – you really appreciate someone or something once it is gone.

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