Shipped Our Kid Off To Hometown for Chinese New Year

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Much quieter here in my morning writing session. Productivity will go up – but up, but missing the little dude already.

We sent Miles up with his grandpa to my wife’s hometown for Chinese New Year. My wife wanted all of us to go, but between financial, business sense, and it is so COLD up there, we decided instead to just send Miles and his grandfather.

He’s gone up there with grandpa a couple times before, and we went up as a family back in October as well. Did a Wechat video call with him yesterday when he arrived and he seems happy as could be.

Its because they are spoiling him rotten already, ha! Food, tons of toys, and way too much attention. I guess that is true for any kid’s grandparents and extended family.

Wonder how we will deal with this long term – its only a few hour airplane trip up to hometown – but what about my parents back in America? Guess he can go back, with Maggie, once they are old enough for summer camp and other trips on their own. Will learn as I go.

Wendy and I both got a bit teary eyed when we waved goodbye to Miles and grandpa in the taxi yesterday. He’s getting so big – almost 3 years old now, and living life on his own. We can only imagine the feelings we will get once he turns 4,5, etc. Going to school, hanging out with friends.

Makes me appreciate my parents more and more. And I miss them more too. It must have been so hard for them to see me move across the world. That is always the challenge living abroad, with such extreme timezone differences, and now culture and language.

I’m sorry mom and dad. I miss you, and Jocelyn, my sister, and all my other family and friends.

When will we all get to meet again?

Miles, dude, you’re a smart guy. You’re going to grow up speaking Chinese and English. You’ll understand cultures between these 2 massive economies and have such a wide perspective on life. I hope you enjoy that and leverage this knowledge and perspective to make big changes in the world.

Its something I am trying to do, and if I were growing up in today’s society, this is the exact spot I would want to be in.

He’ll be a master at Chinese culture, but I also need to do a better job for him to understand and master American culture.

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