Pressure Cooker Time (Need Yearly Temple Trips?)

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Nov 13 – 19, 2022

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In photo – my son “working the yard”.

What is Mike Michelini Up To – Nov 13 – 19, 2022

This time last year I was returning from a 1 week temple trip fully refreshed. Feel like that may be a “yearly thing” I need to do, especially with the pressure the last couple weeks have brought.

Let’s get to it:
* Esatto warehouse fixing, continuing the product launch of a whole brand.
* BeckyAI continue the Kickstarter launch. Adding new strategies like live online event and more.
* Akitai launching new product line, setting up a USA 3PL
* EB developing new products
* New services for sourcing, crowdfunding, website marketing in the works.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Nov 13 – 19, 2022 Shadstone Limited

I can feel so many of us EXHAUSTED from working so hard. I can feel it when talking to Anne, Manly, and others. We are truly pushing our limits – and I hope we are enjoying it. Just like a muscle at a gym, when you push your mind to your limits, you mind will recover and come back stronger. We are ninjas at Shadstone – and we are pushing our boundaries to come back even stronger.

And I knew it would be a hard couple months of work to wrap up 2022. Yet I didn’t expect some of these extra hurdles – such as a logistics nightmare for Esatto (GFA podcast and blog post coming this week), and Blimp Method participants disappearing and reappearing suddenly with accusations – but hey – maybe we just use our “ninja minds” to expect year end to always be intense.

But one thing I am excited for is our Shadstone team retreat – just a few weeks away now. Sorry to those who can’t make it for various reasons – this year’s retreat will be our biggest investment in a retreat to date – and already getting more ideas on how to expand on it next year. (Next Year maybe do in Chiang Mai, and combine it before/after Cross Border Summit here)

Some updates from last week:;
BeckyAI Kickstarter WENT live mid last week. I’ll have to admit, I was nervous on this – and combined w/ massive pressure on Esatto launch/warehouse issue, and other Blimp/EB things – and year end in general – all pushed on at the same time. But our team, and marketing manager Anne, are resilient and pushed through. We are navigating this well and while some improvements – getting great influencers, great PR, sales, even my friends are interested in getting involved. This coming week we are looking to start planning a launch event series to bring on various mommy and parent influencers to a series of videos, still being hashed out.

Esatto full, uninterrupted week of selling – Christian doing amazing, and we are blazing ahead with the launch of a huge line of products. It isn’t even a product launch, it is a brand launch. But one issue is the warehouses – we have 60% in a new warehouse, and 40% in a old warehouse, and trying o get inventory of each and ensure the right colors and products are in Amazon. It is a huge launch, many containers of products, and we are pushing through and making the most of this.

Excalibur Brothers – a franchisee from batch 1 has re-appeared, the shot glass set. A bit of a miscommunication it seems, I’ll just say the language barrier – but we are back on track. David is also preparing the order on his product. Christian doing PPC call with Jorge. We are getting low on stock for Peter and Francis’s. Just getting the flow, looking at more software for reporting and forging ahead.

Akitai new product line is shipping this week. But some IPI limits at Amazon threw a wrench in the works so talking to a 3pl. Need to get our marketing team on sync for this product line launch, and Akitai partners are interested to see how the launch goes now for the first time to do a launch with Shadstone as their partners.

TLC kickstarter is moving along. Still getting started with collecting the content, getting the team on the same page for documents and workflows. Logo being finalized, we presented a very impressive brand deck. Just keep on overdelivering.

Indigitus router is still in a painful state for me but there is a very breakthrough tech being applied. Too early to say public, but we are not “rugging” it is just a very delicate time in a crypto bear market and a new technology.

Skyinclude / Flamingo Handshake / handshake Mastermind – just pushing through on the same schedule – last week was a Handshake.mastermind, and in a couple weeks is the next Flamingo Handshake. One of each per month, and we are being consistent even in this horrible bear market that seems to never end.

New partners and clients coming and really just gotta re-assess everything on new clients. Need to be more selective. Need to also categorize the services and amount of work we do (as we often go above what we sold) and more.

Typing all of this up – we are building and creating and doing so many beautiful things. This is my favorite stuff to do – I just hate conflict and “business” stuff – I prefer to be on the creating and artistic side – not been a secret to anyone on this. But think a 2023 new year resolution needs to re-structure that even more so I am on the creating side not business side.

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