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What Mike Michelini is up to Oct 11 – 17, 2020

Theme: the regular: online team / online systems development, GFAVIP community, website/ecommerce network building

Pulling kids out of kindergarten
Mother in law’s birthday

The quick bullet points:
* Welcoming more GFAVIP members, Angelica our community manager really getting great at supporting this. As well as Cheryl on client services
* Feel huge demand from all sides of people rushing to get into and grow their Amazon business, huge increase in inquiries from all points.
* More IT upgrades on our systems, keep telling myself we are “almost there” but probably not ha.

And those whoo want to read the company week plan (removing certain names and sensitive info)

Oct 11 – 17, 2020 Shadstone Limited Week Plan

More grinding as always – but we should all be proud of the massive IT and team building updates we have been doing. Believe they will help us for many years and decades to come.

Hopefully over this weekend we will make another big IT upgrade to our portal and allow the client services and community management department be able to make products for our customers to directly buy from our portal site. This will then empower the team to be able to make all these smaller, specific, custom projects that come in from all channels (emails, wechat, social) to capture more sales from various opportunities.

Last Friday we had our online Shadstone team building social call – good to have some people join for their first time, but a few were busier to attend this time. Wondering what the best way is to “Confirm” who is available and who isn’t – do we need to have people register just like our member events? So that we can see who can come and who can’t? Open to feedback.

Last week we made more great progress on our membership and website/ecommerce investment projects.

GFAVIP membership – added new members and working on improving our database so we know what kind of help they need. Mostly we are finding there are those who want to start ecommerce businesses and looking for investors and partners, and on the other side is investors and experts looking to get involved with new businesses.

(names removed)

Ecommerce and Website investing – close to making a couple new deals

(Names removed)
will get a percent of the company and a monthly retainer once it launches – targeting Jan/Feb 2021.

factory phone holder for car/laptop. A pretty unique product, but one that we can use some of our stronger websites to drive traffic and conversion to.

Launch of a translation online service – a really cool new auto translate service is launching in the app store and we are an early part of it. Using the Michael Michelini Power Pack service for this.

Projects for this week:
Further developing the team and building leaders – as the team grows and our experience and It grows – I am so excited to use this more for scaling up.

For example:
We can use Ranking Solution tool to see the sites and what stage they are in. Can then make a project quote for our web team to build it out and improve it. Then we can track the KPI over time to see the growth.

The portal project add on – now in empowers our client facing team to make custom products on demand so we can remove the bottleneck (me) of being in the middle of every new project.

This is the goal, the dream – to be a specialized company in cross-border trade using our private membership community, our knowledge and connections to be investment in deals, and our website traffic to boost sales and growth.

It is a massive project, and like the bamboo forest analogy we have discussed in the past, the trees are coming up from the ground now.

Still deciding about a larger online event – Cross Border Matchmaker – but feel instead of making it free and public -we do it for members only and it can be a day of making masterminds and 1 on 1 business speed dating connections.

Team Specific Updates
I think everyone learns better who is doing what:

need to check in and get him some more projects, I’ve been behind to prepare a project.

the 1 minute videos are really great, seems to be getting a lot of attention.

lots of CALLS and online events. Learning the various online tools , and sharing the GFAVIP newsletter now.

preparing more content and keywords for our website investments. Reviewed why a huge spike in traffic on the rainbow keyword.

currently most overwhelmed person here (we shift that around) but going great. Made a spreadsheet to list out all our funnels and email marketing, learning about membership site and connecting to the CRM, and coordinating with IT and content writing team to smooth out the process.

our “quarterback” of the overwhelming emails. Constantly improving and learning what to do with each email and helping to direct those emails to the Department person (instead of mike’s inbox) thank you so much for that, as yu can see how much overwhelming email we get.

cranking out epic posts – and learning the ins and outs on the topics.

i think still in the war of Armenia? But feel he is safer now than last week… pray it is ok. And when not dodging the war, helping with facebook ads – right now the webinar and online event.

thanks for coordinating and giving more access to others! Its great to see the teamwork. Also making upgrade to our portal, and as always helping with the various website uploading. Happy to see him coordinating with others here – this is the goal, for us to work as team.

still chipping away at All Jewish directory site, looking forward to launching that.

had her birthday last week, also as always improving our financial flows (pray the numbers get better soon) We are investing heavily still, but know it is for the long term growth.

making the content team flow smooth, keeping the newsletters going,

starting to prepare projects for our web team, and overseeing them. As well as the improvements in existing sites. And learning more tools and updating Ranking Solution system, which is awesome to see the KPIs.

still need to prepare more projects for him,

helping with the various social media campaigns. Please help us in liking / sharing certain posts – he shares them in slack, even a simple facebook like is appreciated.

keeping our growing team and projects in order. So lucky to have her to buffer between me and others (and deal with some of my outbursts and emotions) Yes, I know I am emotional.

still chipping away at the overseas real estate investment project.

getting our podcast online weekly, and filling in from the unclear show notes I put in the google docs -thanks for making it work.

can do so much – but is only 1 person 😉 so she is helping many on the team with email crm, integrations, website projects – she is focusing more on the graphics and design which is helpful to help us convert the traffic better.

Hope these week plans help – I write them each week but never hear feedback – so please any questions or feedback I would appreciate it. Assuming these help.

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